The latest patch of Baldur’s Gate 3 adds pacifist rewards and major gameplay changes

Larian Studios has released a third patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, which is currently in Early Access. This adds some major changes to the gameplay, including non-combat rewards, spell changes, and conversation checks.

The latest patch of Baldur’s Gate 3 adds pacifist rewards and major gameplay changes

Latest patch Baldur’s Gate 3 It’s a huge “significant change in design and gameplay”. Larian Studios has added more rewards by taking a non-violent route, reduced punishment for dialoskill checks, and improved rest and spell casting. Apparently your companion was given by the player in terms of feedback, so it won’t be too strict with you in terms of behavior.

Pacifists get paid

The details announced about the patch share an example of a goblin rooftop ambush where 56% of players were able to avoid the ambush. According to the developers, the update “players will be rewarded properly without having to kill the goblins.”

The reason for the change is that Larian wants to reward “creativity and quest”, but the current state of the game did not reward those who chose the pacifist option. The latest patch rewards players who decide to avoid combat situations, such as conversation, exploration, and solving environmental puzzles. Larian says:

Now all your pacifists will be able to embark on a journey that is more faithful to your character’s identity. Or, it offers more options depending on the specific situation.

Changes in NPC attitudes

NPC friends also changed their attitude and lost a little attention to “everything”. An example of this change is when Astarion asks you to have some of your blood, Shadow Heart no longer has a problem because it’s a “private moment between your two”. Is not considered.

Spelling system updates, dialog skill checks and other changes

Another request from the “popular” player was a renewal of the spell system. Spells that require resources will feel “much more influential.” Fire Bold, Ray of Frost, and Acid Splash cantrips no longer create surfaces at impact, but Fire Bold and Ray of Frost instead ignite or freeze existing surfaces. For other changes, inspiration points are now displayed in the interface, allowing you to select an “upcast” version of the spell from another widget. This means that the UI will be much cleaner.

To make things a little more forgiving, the dialog skill check has been changed to prevent players from being locked out of certain content due to bad dice dolls, but only if the situation really deserves it. Jumps have also changed. This means you don’t have to jump through the gap for each character, just jump instead and your character will be followed automatically. The breaks have also changed, as it is now possible to take two short breaks after a long break.

Cloud cross save

Players already have access to a “partially working” cross-save between Steam and GOG. You can now share your saves between Steam, Stadia, Mac and GoG. When online, saves are automatically saved to the cloud when created and include all autosaves in progress.

Watch the full video of Community Update 11 below.

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