The latest Steam Deck footage shows Devil May Cry 5 running in a handheld.

Steam and Capcom have released some new footage Devil May Cry 5 Will run on upcoming Steam Deck handhelds.

NS picture Apparently it was provided by the lead designer of the game, Yoichiro Ikeda. This is a great showcase of the technical features of Valve’s portable machines, and the game’s RE engine isn’t that great even on the small screen of the device.

Of course, the reason for this video is to increase Steam Deck’s hype.but The first batch of devices was delayed by 2 months, Machines have been in high demand ever since Reveal this past summer.. Available in three storage size flavors, it uses speedy NVMe SSD storage and an “optically coupled” LCD screen.

The game they’re showing off is certainly not leaning forward. Enjoyed the time with the 2019s Devil May Cry 5 As evidenced by our 9-score review.. “”Devil May Cry 5 Enjoying the funny stupidity of its own, presenting a world where the most valuable products are styles, “Josh concludes.

check out Devil May Cry 5 I’m running on a Steam deck for myself below. The first Steam Deck console should be in the hands of the first player by February 2022 until further delays occur. However, the current order is waiting until around the second quarter of 2022. Why don’t you check out while you wait? Josh’s forgiveness about the joy of awkward handhelds?

Devil May Cry 5

on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

release date:

December 31, 2018

Latest Steam Deck footage shows the handheld running Devil May Cry 5

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