The latest update on Nintendo Switch enables download prioritization and direct media transfer to PC or mobile

Nintendo has released a software update for Nintendo Switch. This is very important to add some useful new features to the company’s portable console selection.

Perhaps the biggest addition to Update 11.0.0 is that you can now transfer captured screenshots and videos to your PC or smart device without using an external SD card. Previously, to get a capture from Switch, you had to use a card or upload it to a social media service such as Twitter or Facebook. With the new update, you can use the QR scanner to connect directly to a smart device with a camera, or connect the switch directly to your PC via USB to transfer media that way.

Other useful new perks include a long-required feature that prioritizes the first one you want to download when multiple downloads are in progress, a new player user page.[トレンド]There are tabs so you can see at a glance which games your friends are playing. , And a new dedicated Nintendo Switch Online button has been added to the home screen. This update also includes the ability to download all backup data added to the Nintendo Switch Online Cloud service for users with active Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions.

Finally, you can select 12 new icons as your user profile picture to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. This is great. This update is now available on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles. Be sure to check if you have not yet automatically downloaded or installed the console system settings. The full patch notes can be read on the Nintendo Support website.–direct-transfer-of-media-to-pc-or-mobile

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