The latest update to Towers of Everland introduces new weapons and equipment.article

Towers of Everland was first released on Apple Arcade in May of this year. Since then, developer Cobra Mobile has made some small updates here and there. But today, they released a more substantive update that introduces new gameplay features.

Some of these changes have been proposed by the player base, and Cobra Games is very keen to implement fan suggestions whenever they think they are suitable for the game. The team hopes that the latest updates will make Apple Arcade titles more attractive than ever.

Downloading the update will allow players to find a new Renown system in the Towers of Everland. This allows you to increase strength beyond the maximum level. Similarly, there are gems that can be used to further enhance statistics along with relics that unlock new ways to play the game.

Beyond that, players can use new mythical equipment and weapons to fight their enemies. This update also introduces a host of new monsters that need to be defeated, so you’ll also need this additional weapon. Finally, you can also explore the jungle-themed area.

If you’re new to Towers of Everland, this is a first-person RPG where players kill monsters, avoid traps, and look for loot. It also contains roguelike elements, so the two playthroughs don’t feel the same.

Towers of Everland is now available on Apple Arcade, a $ 4.99 monthly subscription service.

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