The launch trailer for the Halo Infinite campaign has arrived

The Halo Infinite campaign is almost here, and Microsoft has released a launch trailer for the campaign to commemorate the December 8 release for Xbox and PC.

“When all hope is lost and humanity’s destiny is balanced, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless enemy he has ever faced,” read a line from the video description. increase. “Step into the armor of mankind’s greatest heroes, experience epic adventures and explore the vast range of Zeta Hello, from stunning heights to the mysterious depths beneath the ring.”

Playing: Halo Infinite-Official Campaign Launch Trailer

The explanation further states: “Rescue the UNSC Marines and gain reinforcements in battle with the dreaded enemies known as’Exiles’. “

He added that Halo Infinite is the “widest, most open and adventurous” Halo game to date. See the campaign launch trailer above.

The Halo Infinite campaign hasn’t run until December 8th, but retail discs are starting to hit the market. As a result, the cutscenes of the campaign are now displayed online, which is a good time to pay particular attention to spoilers.

For more information on the Halo Infinite campaign, check out GameSpot’s impressions of the first few missions.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta was released on November 15th, and while players have criticized its progress system, it has been a huge success. Scammers are also souring the experience for some, encouraging fans to demand cross-play toggles.

Recently, 343 announced further changes to XP and the Progressive System while discussing what to do to fight the scammers.

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