The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Review

It’s been 10 years since the Skyward Sword appeared on the Wii. Ten years after Nintendo tried to do something new with The Legend of Zelda, the franchise has maintained its popularity since the advent of Ocarina of Time, which changed the perception and destination of the series. Skyward Sword splits the player base, and some love motion control systems, others. .. .. Not so many.

I missed the first release of Skyward Sword, but I hate motion control, so when I finally got the Wii U and tracked the copy, I missed it again. With a passion. So I was over the moon when I heard Skyward Sword coming to Switch with some changes for those who don’t want to swing their arms wildly. Also, I love playing action RPGs on Ninty’s amazing little consoles wherever I am.

Of course, the real question is how Nintendo will accurately convey the game for this HD remaster and soothe everyone in the control department. But before reaching it. .. ..

Despite being the 16th entry in the Zelda series, Skyward Sword is actually an origin story. How did it start, and why are Link and Zelda destined to save the world forever? Along with the bond between Master Sword creation and Link and Zelda, these are the questions Skyward Sword developers have tried to answer.

During the Great War between Goddess Hyria and Demon King Demis, Hyria gathered survivors and landed them in the air. The world was irreparably devastated, locked out of the inhabitants that became known as Skyloft, and lived far above the clouds, eventually becoming a myth. But time and prophecy don’t care about peace, and Demis’s resurrection is imminent, so a great warrior is needed. As Zelda was kidnapped and taken to the world below, it’s up to her best friend Link to decorate her cloak and embark on a wonderful adventure that will change the world and them forever.

Basically Skyward Sword provides two worlds to explore. If you count the time travel mechanics that will appear later between the world of the current version and the past version, there are three. You have a wonderful empty island sanctuary above the clouds, full of their own interesting places and mini-games to explore, and you have a heavy, all-consuming surface lurking beneath a layer of clouds I am.

Exploring Skyloft at the beginning of the game is a calming experience. It aims to draw you into the world, prepare its mechanics, and set up quirky, entertaining, or totally hostile characters that you like or dislike. .. Even more impressive is seeing the growth that some of them experience during the course of their adventures. Link remains his solid and solid self, despite the few lines of dialogue. Here, we will describe the flight dynamics of a game in which you fly in the air in a reliable loft wing and fly over a sea of ​​clouds to various destinations.

And there’s a superficial world full of quirky characters and great places to explore. This is where the game is the most traditional Zelda-ness. Lots of exploring dungeons full of characters to meet, new tools to help you in your adventure, and puzzles to solve. In many ways it’s exactly what you’d expect from a Zelda game, but it’s actually more, but as always, it’s perfectly set up and captivated, so explore, fight, and understand. I couldn’t stop the dungeon out.

Visually, the game looks great with this remastered HD form. The stylized art style, heavily influenced by Impressionist paintings, looks brilliant and beautiful. Sure, the environment may look a little empty by today’s standards, but thanks to its pictorial texture, it doesn’t look like anything but luxury. The idea behind the layout of the environment and how to solve puzzles across it clearly proves that more is not always the best.

But now we come to the elephant in the room. Control system.

There are two ways to control the link. The first is using a traditional control system. This seems to be enhanced and stabilized for a better playing experience. The second is a button and analog stick control system for those who don’t want to swing their arms or have only Switch Lite. Unfortunately, I could only test the game on Switch Lite, so I can’t tell you how well the traditional control system using Switch’s Joycons works.

Well, when it comes to button control systems. .. ..

The link can be rotated by simply holding down the B button, dashing, and clicking the analog stick on the left. Press and hold ZL to stay locked to the target and the analog stick on the right will be linked to the link sword arm. You can now control the camera as well, but since the proper analog is your weapon, you’ll need to hold down an additional button (L) to enable camera control mode.You have to train yourself to forget the simple things we’ve been accustomed to over the years in 3rd For camera control, I used a personal game using appropriate analog as it is. It’s a tricky system that takes time to get used to, and often forgets to hold L or doesn’t hold it hard, pulling out or swinging the sword.

It’s the most annoying time when you’re in combat, as you’re used to aiming at enemies in analog. I’ve noticed that I usually have to rely on the lock-on button fast enough to point the link at another enemy. It is flying around in vain in the opposite direction. It’s also a tedious system if you’re trying to run quickly somewhere during high-speed exploration navigation, or if you need to drop a bomb in a specific direction, as the bomb drop is also controlled by the right stick. Press up or down to decide whether to throw or roll.

When pushed up, the link lifts the sword into the sky and points it down. To attack, you need to flick the analog stick in the desired direction with considerable force, paying attention to the wear of the stick itself. Interestingly, during combat, the opponent reacts to how Link holds the sword and blocks in the direction in which the attack appears to take place. It actually adds a lot of strategic depth to combat, but the system never feels smooth or natural enough. Even after a dozen hours, I realized that I was still fighting the combat control system and was more dependent on swinging wild sticks to take me somewhere.

And still. .. .. I couldn’t put the game yet. Sure, combat is awkward, awkward, and makes the experience worse than it should be, but it didn’t break the game and I couldn’t stop enjoying the experience.

Everything the Skyward Sword is wrong-I’m looking at your stamina meter, shield durability, and combat control-what you get right is far more than that annoyance. The story is great, and the overall sensation of playing Skyward Sword is like rediscovering the magic of a series that continues to flock to new incarnations. It may not be the perfect playing experience, but it’s all the same great and, very frankly, the best way to experience the nasty and flawed masterpieces of today’s Skyward Sword.

You can buy this game here For £ 49.99

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Review

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