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A deal was agreed “last summer” for Prodrive to carry out its first move to team ownership for the seven-time F1 World Champion.

But until the first three days before Desert X-Prix in Saudi Arabia last weekend, it took for the partnership to be officially confirmed in the public domain.

When asked why Autosport made Prodrive so popular with the X44, Chairman and Founder Richards said:

“It didn’t have any strange problems.

“Maybe a little ego from our side, that we weren’t recognized in the relationship.

“So,’let’s clarify where our team is running the program.'”

Richards has known the Hamilton family for most of the 25 years since his son was racing in karts with Mercedes Grand Prix driver Lewis.

“I’m always in touch with him and my family is in touch,” Richards told Autosport. “Lewis actually said:” I’ve always wanted to work with you someday. “

“This is a pretty natural environment for us, and probably not so natural for Lewis.”

The partnership with X44 began after Prodrive showed interest in entering Extreme E.

The championship co-founder Alejandro Agag then warned Richards of Hamilton’s desire to collaborate with experienced off-road outfits.

This partnership was well before Hamilton’s recent friendly split with longtime friend, associate and 1999 British Formula Three champion Marc Hynes.

Cristina Gutierrez, Sebastien Loeb, X44

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Hines previously ran the Project 44 business that presided over Extreme E Entry, but now Penni Thow is leading the setup.

A Canadian career includes welcoming Justin Bieber as an amateur performer on YouTube to lead his music career to global success.

The deal with Prodrive also eased Hamilton’s bid to sign Sebastien Loeb on the X44.

The nine-time World Rally Champion has signed Prodrive through the Bahrain Raid Extreme BRX1 program, which debuted in Dakar earlier this year but ended in retirement.

His female co-driver, Cristina Gutierrez, was scouted by Richards after impressing the chairman of Motorsport UK while driving at the Andalusia Rally.

Richards explains why Prodrive put support behind Extreme E and told Autosport:

“First, we need it for organizational stability. We can’t rely too much on it.

“Dakar is also a long-term plan.

“I always felt that with the right partnership, I could take the right opportunity to return to the World Rally Championship.

“We keep our eyes open.

“But now, if you look at this program together, you see, this is a complement to Dakar.”

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The “little ego” behind the announcement of the Hamilton XE team’s link-up The “little ego” behind the announcement of the Hamilton XE team’s link-up

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