The location of Genshin Impact Corlapis

Genshin Impact Full of enchantment material you have to find. One of them is Cor Lapis, which is pretty handy.If you got Keqing from a new story quest, you need to find this To raise her horizontally! Thankfully, this geocrystal isn’t too hard to find if you generally know where to look.

Where to find the location of Cor Lapis Genshin Impact

To find Cor Lapis, you must first head to Liyue. Because it is a geocrystal, it is close to caves, mines, and terrain that can generally be considered “rock” or “soil.” I like to grind corlapis in the cave because it’s easy to see and spawns. Lots.. Find your favorite big cave in Liyue and run around there! The place we cultivate is along the bottom of the second mountain in the yellowish meadows or in the mountain cave on the far left of the area.

Corapis is used in alchemy and ascension. In alchemy, it is used in dustproof potions, immovable essential oils, and geocurus resonance stones. Dustproof potions are sturdy, low-level georesist, suitable for fighting Geobosses. If you don’t move the essential oils, geodamage will increase, so it’s suitable for geounits that need to quickly defeat bosses and DPS gauges.

Geocurus resonance stones are weird. This is basically a available compass that you can use to search for nearby Geoculi. Thankfully, it’s only consumed if you have at least one Geoculus nearby, so you’re free to use it when you’re looking for it. To use it, consume the stone and then look for the blue circle on the map. While inside the blue circle, it points to Geoculus.

Of course, the other use is for your ascension! So far, Jeongyun and Kechin are the main targets. 168 Cor Lapis is used to raise one of them to Ascension 8 … this is obviously a ton! Keqing tends to be one of the most powerful Electro attackers in the game, so it’s worth it. If you’re going to beat Hydro’s boss, don’t forget about her!

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Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Locations | Where to Find

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