The Long Dark-“Hesitant Prospect” has been updated (version 1.89.69528)

This week, a major update to The Long Dark was released. Version 1.896.69528 has been released – also known as Hesitant Prospect.

This update includes new regions, new gear items and more. Additional information and trailers can be found below.

The dangerous landscape of Ash Canyon, defined by jagged cliffs and burnt forests, hides treasures that could save the lives of survivors.

Ash canyon
Far beyond Timberwolf Mountain is an inaccessible area defined by steep cave walls and burnt forests. If you can navigate through the dangerous landscape, you may find an abandoned mine that hides treasures worth more than gold to the survivors. Be careful when crossing a miserable rope suspension bridge. It’s far!

New gear item
Eisen and Technical Pack are two new gear items.

He was left behind by a brave mountaineer who was out of luck. Wearing these will prevent sprains and make it easier to move on weak ice.

Technical pack
Add a permanent capacity buff to your survivor’s inventory, giving you a little more room to breathe when carrying life-saving supplies on your back.

New challenge
Escaping from the Darkwalker is now a challenge.
Hesitant Prospect will also introduce an updated version of the popular Halloween event that started this year.

Escape the Dark Walker
You are hunted by malicious invisible power. Use a special paint glyph to buy yourself time to escape. The time spent in each area counts down slowly until a toxic green mist appears that chokes you. You need to expel the Dark Walker before you run out of time!

New features
Completing the Darkwalker Challenge unlocks the new Darkwalker Feat. When enabled in survival mode, it drains stamina during the day while providing a stamina boost at night.

New custom mode settings
Infinite night
Now you can set up a custom survival game to prevent the day from coming …

Improving quality of life
Improved quality of life for the front end of the game, including a region selection menu. You will also notice that the main menu of the game has been updated in honor of HESITANT PROSPECT. As you progress through all the major updates to the game, you’ll get a new main menu that reflects the latest new content.

The Long Dark is available for Switch via the e-shop.

The Long Dark – “Hesitant Prospect” update out now (version 1.89.69528)

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