The Lord of the Rings makes 50-year-old Clinique lipstick relevant again

Early youths were full of suspicious makeup options as well, from early teens to teens, from bold blue eyelids to savory lip smackers and glittering lip glosses. But 20 years ago, there was another very special lipstick that suffocated those who had devoted themselves to their obsession with Middle-earth.

2021 commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Lord of the Rings movie, and it was hard to imagine exploring the trilogy in one story. So, every Wednesday of the year, we go back and forth there to find out how and why the film has endured as a modern classic. This is the year of the polygon ring.

2001, Lord of the Rings: Ring Fellowship Exploding on movie screens everywhere, a cultural reset began.Liv Tyler’s Arwen wore the perfect shade of lipstick fellowship.. It was eye-catching, but understated, and shocking from the Macy’s department store and the brand, which is synonymous with the bottom of our mother’s purse. brand? Clinique. Shade? Black honey.

Well, 20 years since its release Fellowship of rings, Arwen has some kind of renaissance. In late June, a trend emerged on TikTok, where users searched for Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick online and in stores, again trying to recreate Arwen’s iconic look.

Arwen Undómiel is from JRR Tolkien Lord of the Ring It’s a trilogy when Frodo Baggins arrives in Rivendell, but most of her story is told in the appendix. Return of the king, Expanded the rich tapestry of Tolkien’s legendary folklore. Although she did not play a major role in the source material, Peter Jackson wisely chose to make her a more active participant in the franchise. In doing so, Jackson brought the love story of Aragorn and Arwen to the forefront of the movie, which alone created a different kind of love story than the fans.

Arwen became a symbol of many young women looking for their place in Middle-earth, and she had a lasting impact on the audience at many levels. Cosplayers aren’t the only ones to track black honey lipsticks to complete their costumes. TikTok is full of everyday people trying to incorporate it into their makeup routines.Éowyn is arguably the first name that comes to mind when you think of a strong female character from her “I’m not a man” line. Lord of the Ring.. But it is Arwen who seems to be essentially tied to cultural memory in a way that people crave to recreate her aesthetics.

At TikTok, the hashtag #CliniqueBlackHoney has recorded nearly 25 million views in a few months, making many users viral in their makeup routines. Lauren.Does.Cosplay cosplayer Lauren has tested the product with over 500,000 views in her video.

“Since I saw Arwen, it has always been an icon for me. Lord of the Ring When I was eight, “she told Polygon. “She is not only a wonderful and embodied woman who can be a warrior, but her love for Arwen and her willingness to give up her immortal life for him is a wonderful love story. “I admire Arwen’s courage to obey her heart in the face of the world’s greatest evil,” she continued.

On the Clinique side, the Black Honey Lipstick was first introduced in 1971. Lord of the Ring Hit the US bestseller list. The deep raisin lipstick was in stark contrast to the bright colors of the disco and psychedelic era. According to Clinique, it may look dark before application, but lipstick is a blend of blue, red and yellow pigments that works on all skin tones, even the pale skin tones of Liv Tyler. When the shade was first introduced, it was sold at Grosspot, but in 1989 Clinique relaunched Black Honey in the same sleek tube as it is sold today. Lauren agreed with this feeling, saying she had already incorporated lipstick into her daily life, “it’s the best lips to do errands.”

Lord of the Rings Hair & Makeup Designer Peter Sword King “I chose black honey for the polygon,” the trilogy said, “because it had a dark tone, but at the same time it was light.” [it] It will look like the color of your lips, not your lipstick. When asked about how his make-up design has endured as a go-to for many fans, King said: Also, I’m making the 50th movie by design, so it’s very flattering. It may last for a long time. “”

Lots of information about The Lord of the Rings The film has been handed down like folklore for the past 20 years. In the meantime, the Internet has changed dramatically, sometimes incorporating important information carefully curated and cataloged by enthusiastic fans who have spent their free time running fan sites and fostering communities. Other fans have done the job of storing that information.

2001, Lord of the Rings Makeup artist Norain Wilkey was interviewed Instyle About her work Fellowship of rings.. The interview included the first mention of the Clinique Black Honey lipstick used to “soften” Liv Tyler’s lips. At some point, the article was uploaded to (TORn). This site specializes in everything fans need, including articles scanned from magazines, information about community meetings, and important links to other sites such as AlleyCatScratch.

This is a good example of how the information was conveyed within the Lord of the Rings. Fandom for many years.The interview was first published in print InstyleBefore temporarily appearing online for AOL and AOL Instyle client. For some time, both (now Tolkien and TORn hosted links to InStyle articles. At some point between 2001 and 2008, the interview post was deleted, but the information was stored on one fan’s personally run site, The person behind Very-Faery saved the article in Microsoft Word and shared it on his site. The site is still deleted, but fortunately it was captured and saved by Wayback Machine. Dedication must be made to give future generations of fans access to important fandom information. A task that is becoming increasingly difficult for digital archivists trying to protect critical fandom sites like GeoCities from mass data deletion.

What does Clinique’s almost lipstick in the shade of “Black Honey” look like today?

Besides pulling this information from the back of the Wayback Machine, the only evidence of the Black Honey lipstick used in Arwen is in the first uploaded post before April 2008. AlleyCatScratch enthusiasts have created a handy guide to Arwen Makeup listing both an accurate palette on the screen and cheaper alternatives to recreate the look.

Today, fans aren’t always looking for cheaper alternatives, but they are looking for what’s on the shelves. The Clinique website claims that black honey lipstick tubes are sold every three minutes, but that may not be flashy. A new interest in TikTok seems to make it harder to find lipstick. Authorized cosmetologists like Jenn Aédo offer viewers non-abuse or vegan dupes such as Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia, ELF Sheer Slick Lipstick in Cherry, and Tarte’s Quench Lip Rescue in Berry.

Aédo went viral in August and was played nearly 3 million times in a video discussing Black Honey trends. She explained in an interview that the Sephora she works for is completely sold out in the shade. No customer specifically mentioned Arwen when asking about lipstick, but she expected that future comics would lead to more people looking for shade. At the time of this writing, Black Honey lipsticks could be ordered from Sephora’s Sephora Favorite collection, Amazon, and Dillards.

No matter how far the fans are from the release Lord of the Ring The trilogy and the accompanying first fanfare, the franchise, gave them the characters they still have to this day. It may be wearing a ring of dominance around their necks, or they may be wearing a little black honey lipstick before leaving the door to face any battle waiting for them. Hmm. Awen’s look remains classic to fans. As Peter King Swords said, “May you endure for a long time.”

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