The Lord of the Rings Online may be getting big new updates to match the Amazon TV series

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, December 6, 2020 15:27 GMT

The· Lord of the Rings Online MMO The title may have received extensive graphics updates by 2022, as suggested by the new presentation.

According to information presented during the investor meeting (thanks to PCGamesN), MMORPG games will support a series of visual updates in line with Amazon’s next Lord of the Rings TV series launch.

The Lord of the Rings Online publisher, Daybreak Game Company, has suggested that Lord of the Rings Online will receive “visual and technical updates” on both PCs and next-generation consoles in most of the EG7 investor briefings. Was mentioned.

The presentation seems to suggest that these updates will arrive in the game. The game was originally released in 2007 and will arrive in 2022.

Amazon’s next show, set in Middle-earth’s Second Age (before the event of the book of the same name and Peter Jackson’s famous trilogy movie), is set to begin in 2021. -It’s more or less all of us but at this point we know about the project.

This update seems to be different from the other Lord of the Rings MMOs that Amazon Games Studios is working on. This is also intended for console and PC releases.

The other titles are still untitled, but have nothing to do with the Amazon Original TV series.

Set in the world of Middle-earth, depicted in The Lord of the Rings literary trilogy, this game is a new immersive game for fans around the world to explore Tolkien’s vast world magnificently. We provide a typed gaming experience, “reads a project developed by Leyou and Athlon Games.

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Lord of the Rings Online may be getting a big new update to coincide with the Amazon TV series

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