“The Mandalorian” Chapter 14 Tragedy Reaction [Spoiler Warning]

Latest episode of Mandalorian Fans of the original trilogy have long wanted to see it. The director of this episode, Robert Rodriguez, brought the ferociousness that some fans had long wanted to see.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of, this is the final warning Mandalorian….


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Chapter 14 Tragedy was the shortest episode of the show in progress, but it was full of the most actions. Robert Rodriguez was the director of this episode, and he definitely left his mark in the world of Star Wars. From start to finish, the episode was filled with suspense and action that wasn’t seen outside of the anime show.Due to the fact that all movies are rated as PG Revenge of the Sith PG-13 is limited to simple blaster shots with violence and action and has no significant impact.

Of course, the biggest reason fans are so excited about the show is that Boba Fett is back in live action in armor.What I could only do with the manga and novels I finally saw Temuera Morrison Returned to Mandalorian armor. We’ll also go see Boba Fett’s actions, which he wasn’t disappointed with as the top bounty hunter of the original trilogy thinned out the Stormtrooper regiment himself.


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I was very surprised that Din Djarin was able to get to Tython easily. Some of me expected Moff Gideon to intercept the razor coat of arms before Grog arrived at the Jedi Temple. Instead, Din was able to put Grog on the seeing stone. The purpose of arriving at the temple early was for most of the episodes to focus on Boba Fett’s return and the new alliance between him and Din Jarin. There was also a second surprise that Fennec, the assassin left on Tatooine from the first season, is back. With this return, it was finally confirmed that it was Boba who saved Fennec and made her a half-machine. Just as Boba was as easy to find the razor coat of arms, Moff Gideon was as easy to find them.

This is where Star Wars has won the best 15-minute action ever. It was great to see Boba Fett literally destroy a regiment of stormtroopers with a gaffistic. This is where Robert Rodriguez style made this episode absolutely amazing. His style of behavior focuses on the brutality of violence. This was illustrated when the Stormtrooper helmet was destroyed after being clubbed with Boba’s Gaffistic. It was wonderful to see this action scene, and I always thought that I could see it in live action. The closest thing to this kind of violence in live action was the fan film. The only problem I had in this scene was the aim of the Stormtrooper blaster. They couldn’t hit Boba or Fennec to save their lives, but the moment Din Jarin appeared, they were hitting the Bullseye. For me, it’s just a gimmick that he has all the Vesker armor.

All actions focused on bounty hunters, but Grogu appeared to be sending messages to all Force users in the galaxy. The child was meditating on the force barrier surrounding the young child, and it appeared that the child could come into contact with other Jedi. By properly telling the time it takes the child to contact other Force users, Moffgideon was able to deploy the long-awaited Dark Trooper. With a little glimpse of them before we can finally see them acting for a moment. An interesting fact about them is that they appear to be robots, not real trained humans. It could be the same style that General Grievous was created as a mixture of robotics and humans. In the last two episodes, the behavior of the Dark Trooper seems to be even more visible.



I haven’t been disappointed at any level yet this season.For many older generations Star Wars Fans This is what we have been waiting for. An action that really shows how bad these characters really were. I’ve been hoping for Boba Fett’s return for a while, but this was the perfect way to bring him back.I met a young Boba in Clone Wars The anime series has always wondered if he really survived the Sir Luck Pit. Return of the Jedi..It was perfect for Temuera Morrison to come back and play Boba Fett

Looking at the return of Moffgideon and the Dark Troopers, we can see that the end of the season is approaching. Gideon now owns a child, so he can continue experimenting with young children. The last few minutes of the episode revealed that Grogu was tired of using an excessive amount of force, which could be the result of previous experiments. The last two episodes seem to be a battle for Din Djarin’s time to save Grogu.

Overall score: A +

What do you think of the last episode? Are you excited to meet Ahsoka?

Mandalorian Season 2 is currently streaming Disney +..

“The Mandalorian” Chapter 14 Tragedy Reaction [Spoiler Warning]

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