The Mandalorian Jon Favreau has been immortalized as a Star Wars action figure

As the voice of the Mandalorian creator and two different Mandalorian characters, Jon Favreau certainly leaves an important mark on the Star Wars franchise. But as we all know, you haven’t hit a really big time until your face appears in a Star Wars figure. Fortunately, Favreau has finally removed the item from his bucket list in Star Wars Celebration 2022.

Hasbro will be offering a Jon Favreau figure as a festive limited release during the tournament. And yes, despite wearing the costume of Favreau’s character Pass Vizsla, this person is officially labeled “Jon Favreau”.

IGN can exclusively publish the first image and details of the Favreau figure. Take a closer look at the slideshow gallery below.

Star Wars: Black Series-Jon Favreau Figure

Jon Favreau is part of Hasbro’s Star Wars: Black series 6-inch figure. This figure includes a Bizura helmet, jetpack, blaster cannon, and a deluxe package that matches Hasbro’s previous Black Series Convention Limited Edition.

Jon Favreau’s figure seems to be a kind of companion to last year’s Trapper Wolf figure. The toy wasn’t specifically sold as a Dave Filoni figure, but features a portrait of Favreau’s Mandalorian collaborator, who occasionally plays the New Republic pilot in the series. Previously, Hasbro released a Star Wars figure with George Lucas as the Stromtrooper and concept artist Ralph McQuarrie as the “General McQuarrie.”

The Jon Favreau figure is priced at $ 39.99 and will be released in the fall of 2022. Initially, he can only be pre-ordered by Celebration participants. Hasbro will distribute one-time code at booth (# 2404). You can scan this code and use it to order figures at Hasbro Pulse. After that, a limited number of figures will be available for general reservation.

Would you like to add a miniature Jon Favreau to your Star Wars collection? What other Star Wars filmmakers deserve their own action figures? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

In other Star Wars news, Marvel Comics has adapted the Mandalorian’s first season, and Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy now focuses on the franchise’s “permanent storytelling, not trilogy.” I made it clear that I was there.

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