The Mandalorian reveals another huge link to Star Wars lore

The Mandalorian’s Chapter 13 further links the live-action show to a previous Star Wars project, where one line could make fun of the appearance of the past three protagonists.
The Mandalorian’s main spoilers, Chapter 13, follow. I spoke.Not only did she meet the legendary Ahsoka Tano for the first time in a live-action body, but she also got the hint that her mission would bring her to the appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the villain of the Star Wars Rebels.

Rosario Dawson’s simple line “Where is Grand Admiral Thrawn?” A simple question that is already enthusiastic about the Internet. The Star Wars Rebels Ezra Bridger was last seen with Sloan. This means that it may be seen to emerge from the former Padawan. It is quite possible that “Ezra” was prevalent on Twitter shortly after the episode was released.

iZombie and Haunting of Bly Manor Actor Rahul Kohli was seen Make fun of the idea that he can play Ezra On Twitter – His Twitter notifications will fire today, whether or not it really is.

The Mandalorian and Ezra’s best friend Sabine Len may also be looking for a sloan. We have already seen clues to her appearance, and Ahsoka’s continued quest for Sloan makes it more likely than ever.

It wasn’t just about the other Star Wars series characters we got this week-Chapter 13 also revealed that Baby Yoda’s name was Grog, giving him a hint of his backstory. ..

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