The Mass Effect cast and crew reunion video call was very nice

To commemorate the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a large group of trilogy voice actors, writers and producers gathered to answer fan questions and tell old stories over the weekend. Jennifer Hale, the voice of Femshep, can also take the lead and listen to the voices of Dudeshep, Tali, Riara, Joker, Samantha and more in the same nostalgic video call.

There is a story about the kids of the developers playing the game for the first time, the actors hugging a lot of fans and getting a little emotional at the recording booth. To be honest, it was a swell to hear the team talk about the joy of working together, whether or not they plan to return to the remaster.

The group of 20 people, moderated by Ash Seville, needed little prompt for questions to jump off the old story. The actors in the room are not shy to introduce themselves in the letters. This is certainly fun. The group also included members of the Legendary Edition team, former trilogy writing team members, and creative performance directors.

As they first emphasized, most of the cast members recorded their lines separately, which means many had never met properly before. Hale hosted a similar reunion call on N7, 2020, which the group remembers was the largest group to gather in one “place” at a time.

The big throughline of the story is actually a selection-based story in which BioWare is somewhat synonymous. The original trilogy lead writer, Mac Walters, should know that new players approving the series can take the time to make decisions and return to their second playthrough at any time. I’m giving you advice. Sure, not only do you make the same choice for all your files, but everyone knows how difficult it is.

BioWare’s senior writer and editor spouse Patrick and Karin Weekes are a little delighted to see their kids currently playing Legendary Edition and seeing them tackle their choices for the first time. It states. “We’ve made a group agreement not to go to romance because it’s really annoying for your teenage son,” Karin Weeks adds with a laugh. It certainly brings back memories of playing my first BioWare game in my parents’ living room as a teenager.

In addition, performance director Caroline Livingstone has received a lot of gratitude from all the voice actors. They talk about adjusting the amount and depth of content for each character in the series. As the actor chimes about how it felt to record lines across different paths through conversation, the topic of narrative branching also comes back.

“Doing this presents additional challenges as an actor. This is the first time I’ve come across a branch dialog,” says Keythe Farley, voice actor for Thane. “The fun and joy of it was being able to play the scene back in different ways, with different writing styles and different results. It was not only a challenge, but a real pleasure.”

There are many other sweet little anecdotes. Hale talks about enjoying playing live streamers, not a particularly good video game player himself. And as soon as she is found, she escapes from the chat. Joker voice actor Seth Green talks about how his involvement in Mass Effect was so different from other projects because of how fans love the character. “I hugged a lot of strangers, do you know what I’m saying?” He says. Patrick Weekes also talks about his early days as a junior writer in the first Mass Effect and all related lessons.

It’s not my paraphrase, but a swelling conversation with the many nice stories you hear most often from those voices you know. So, if it’s your jam, continue throwing it in the background. To Tato Hale who put it together, Sevilla who moderated it, and all the cast and crew who shared the story.

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