The medium is already profitable in just a few days

The game, released a few days ago and also released on the Xbox Game Pass, already covers production and marketing costs. Future sales will benefit the Polish developer Bloomer Team, who is no wonder for the strange and horrifying horror experience.

Shared on the Polish publication, the Bloomer Team said game sales already outweighed the cost of the studio developing and promoting games available on the Xbox Series X | S and PC. It was.

It’s also available on the platform’s Xbox Game Pass, but unlike many other Game Pass titles, it’s not on the Xbox One. This makes profitability even more impressive, as the Xbox Series X | S installation base is only part of the old console. It’s unclear how the Game Pass was considered for sales, or whether it was profitable even before it was taken into account.

Medium uses a unique gameplay hook that allows you to see multiple areas at once in a split screen view. This will help you solve puzzles and scare your pants. Bloober has honed its skills over the past few years in horror games such as Blair Witch and Layers of Fear 2, and it’s arguably the hottest game to date.

Our own Jordan Ramée was very impressed with The Medium and awarded the game 9/10 in The Medium review on GameSpot. In the review, he praised how the story was combined, as well as challenging puzzles and excellent sound design.

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