The mistake of disqualifying London E-Prix will “stay in my head” – Motorsports

The Brazilian took a surprise lead ahead of Stoffel Vandoorne, who pitted in under safety car conditions, and took seven positions in the 50km / h Limited Zone to move up to number one.

This movement is divisive, but is permitted under Article 38.11 of the FIA ​​Sports Regulations. “The entrance and exit of the pit lane remain open, and if you stop in front of the pit, the car is free to pit in.”

However, Di Grassi was penalized for this operation after being trapped in a pit box and found not to stop the Audi e-tron FE07 machine completely.

The wheel speed recorded zero, but the car wasn’t completely stationary for any time.

Di Grassi was not informed about the drive-through penalty Audi team principal Allan McNish protests the decision with Race Steward I was away from the garage.

In other words, Di Grassi was given a black flag on the final lap of the Excel Center and was initially demoted to 8th place, He was subsequently disqualified and the team was fined € 50,000.

Talking to autosport, Di Grassi thought he would ruin a small mistake for the rest of his life.

He states: “First of all, I didn’t notice the penalty until the end of the race.

“I was happy for about 10 seconds, but then I was sad again.

“It’s sad that I didn’t participate in the race because of the details.

“It stays in my head for the rest of my life.”

Lucas di Grassi, Audi Sport ABT Scheffler, Audi e-tron FE07

Photo: Andrew Ferraro / Motorsport image

Di Grassi compared Michael Schumacher’s victory at the 1998 British Grand Prix. The Germans did not offer a drive-through penalty on the final lap after Ferrari’s pit box was placed across the finish line.

He then likened Audi’s scenario to football’s offside rules and told autosport: There are risks.

“We are allowed to do it 100%. It was a very bold move.

“Like soccer, there is offside. You are playing with the rules to get men offside.

“There’s a very complex rulebook here. Everyone is trying to find margins and holes to make a profit. Today I did everything in the book.

“I’m very proud that the team actually made a bold move, or that you had the bold feeling of winning the race when you did this.

“There are risks, but it was worth taking.

“It was my mistake not to stop in front of the garage. [indoor surface] It’s very slippery. I was slipping. The tire was locked.

“For me, the car stopped because I locked the tires. This slide caused a penalty.

“Looking at the rules and finding ways to take advantage and race is part of the game.

“Sports are evolving, but we need to continue to push the boundaries. We will continue to do this within the limits of the law and within the rules.”

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The mistake of disqualifying London E-Prix will “stay in my head” The mistake of disqualifying London E-Prix will “stay in my head”

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