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Michael chandler I know the day will come.

He puts his gloves in the center of the cage, says goodbye to the camera, goes out of sight and walks into the intestines of the arena at that time.

A great career is in the book. Feeling sweaty and a mixture of bittersweet emotions, Chandler makes eye contact with a man staring at him in the mirror.

“(I)” Michael, did you do as much as you could with your talent? ” I hope I can answer honestly, honestly and without regrets. Chandler recently said in an interview with MMA Junkie, imagining what the moment would look like.

Many chapters have already been written in Michael Chandler’s ongoing story. It’s no exaggeration to say that when Bellator Brass last year signed Chandler as a 3-0 Pro in mid-2010, they didn’t know what they were doing. Chandler fought for Bellator from 2010 to 2020, providing 10 years of memorable moments.

His journey began with qualifying for the 2011 Bellator Lightweight Tournament. Chandler made the most of the title shots he took in the tournament when he submitted lightweight king Eddie Alvarez to Bellator 58.

The two fighters rematched at Bellator 106 two years later. But not only did they rematch, they also fought one of the biggest battles in MMA history. This was an excellent counterprogram of promotion against UFC’s Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio Rua, another of the greatest classics of all time.

Bloody and exhausted Chandler lost its rematch – a split decision discussed after a five-round brawl. Regardless of the outcome, his contribution as half of the timeless overall slug fest will never be forgotten.

Chandler worked hard to return when he returned and suffered two consecutive defeats at Will Brooks that were relatively unknown at the time. Comeback will be a theme that will continue throughout his career.

With consecutive wins he won another Bellator title, Patricky Freire’s first round knockout.. The violent image of Freire’s stiff body hitting the canvas from a single punch is always paired with Chandler jumping up the fence. Chandler signaled Patricio Freire looking off the cage with a slash in his throat.

At Bellator’s first Madison Square Garden event in 2018, Chandler lost his belt again – this time in a weird way to Brent Primus. When the kick went wrong, the nerves in his leg gave up, and it made some strangely grotesque slow-motion replays. The debilitated Chandler continued to fight with one leg until the doctor stopped it between rounds. Chandler missed a flight It was scattered on the canvas.

Once again, Chandler caused a storm. After three wins, he became the champion again. The title clincher is Dominant unanimous decision..

Chandler lost his belt for the third time, which was the most devastating. 61-second knockout to Patrício Freire, Returned to avenge the loss suffered by his brother Patricky.

Still, Chandler has moved forward. He ended Bellator’s career with two knockouts with the relatively new Sydney Outlaw. This is what some expected, and more shocking former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson.

The legacy he left for Bellator was unprecedented. Most people may call it legendary. He is a three-time champion with three title defenses and has been ranked number one with the appearance of Bellator and his wins so far.

“He experienced some of the most amazing battles in Bellator’s history,” Scott Coker told MMA Junkie. “… Michael and I talked about this. Someday he said he would come back, so we hung (his) posters on the rafters and maybe (he) was the first person to be inducted into the Bellator Hall of Fame. Will be. “

Michael Chandler from Bellator 243. (Photo courtesy of Bellator)

One of Bellator’s main faces is now the UFC fighter. He is on the verge of making his debut in a major battle with Dan Hooker on Saturday. UFC 257 Joint main event. A new chapter begins in Abu Dhabi.

Chandler finally made the jump he had been cornered for years. This is a move centered around many great MMA discussions and has already been performed differently from other achieved Bellator battles that jumped into the UFC.

Chandler’s old friend Alvarez joined the UFC in 2013 after a court battle. He faced Donald Cerrone, a fighter who won three wins from the title shot on the undercard of pay-per-view, headlined by Demetrious Johnson.

Then there was Ben Askren in 2019. Askren was a stint bridge between the UFC and Bellator in the ONE Championship. It may be revisionist history, but perhaps his prime minister caused him to decline there. Asklen has been paired with former champion Robbie Lawler, who aimed to regain his position in the division.

Chandler, unlike others, Include A backup of the championship right after he signed to the UFC. If anything happened to Habib Nurmagomedov or Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 in October, Chandler was the one called by UFC President Dana White. That alone should tell you something about Chandler’s special kind of fighter.

The UFC has shown little interest in pursuing champions from competition (except for the names above and some other names like Hector Lombard). If the UFC is the best organization in the world, why entertain stars elsewhere? In Chandler, that didn’t seem to matter.

Not only did the UFC sign Chandler, Brass appreciated him enough to push him into the title picture. He’s a unique case and he’s doing it the other way around.

For years, Chandler has been an example of an emotional journey in which talent is related to fighters rather than promotion. And now that he’s in the UFC, it’s not erased. Chandler still reflects that feeling.

“It’s always about me and myself, trying to reach my best version when I step inside that cage inside that octagon, feeding my family, as much as I can Is to be able to get these talents I have, from these talents I have been given, and from this body I have built “Chandler Told to MMA Junky Radio..

He is right Participating in the second largest MMA promotion does not mean that the fighter is in the second class. This is a complex issue and is at a crossroads. After all, fighters and promotions are inextricably linked. It is a symbiotic relationship, especially related to public perception.

It doesn’t mean that the talent wasn’t there, or that he didn’t accomplish incredible things. Chandler had to jump to the UFC to prove his abilities, silence suspicions, and leave a bigger legacy. People need to see it, not make a hypothesis about it.

“Every time I trained for one of the people who set foot in the cage, I wasn’t training to fight them,” Chandler said Thursday. “I was training to fight the best man in the world. The best man in the world was always under the UFC flag. I was always training to defeat him …. these Is a senior man who is a world class guy I’ve wanted to compete with from day one. Now I have the opportunity. I have to go out and work on Saturday night. “

The move to the UFC is an attempt to prove that he is the best in the world. Yes, it’s also a continuation. It’s hard work, a continuation of self-improvement, and Chandler needs to maximize his potential.

Chandler dates back to August when he sat at a press conference after his last Bellator battle. A bittersweet reflex mixed with an unknown sense of the future. His answer was cautious, yet honest and thoughtful. Especially one was outstanding. Chandler, with his own consent, looked into the camera and sent a message to the children who might have been listening.

“Now and Then, Here and There, Give Yourself a Chance,” Chandler said, tangently away from the question – expressing something he felt important. Sign. “Believe in yourself. Believe that you were designed, created and designed to make your career more successful than ever before. You can think of it in an unprecedented dream.”

Indeed, this UFC shot is about new challenges, the pursuit of greatness, and proving something to the world.

But perhaps it’s also a continuation of what he’s always done by implementing the advice he found important. So when he has that conversation with the man in the mirror, he can answer honestly, honestly and without regrets. “

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The moment of Michael Chandler is upon us. Will greatness continue? The moment of Michael Chandler is upon us. Will greatness continue?

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