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Digital Foundry tech enthusiasts got the next Monster Hunter Rise to be released this Friday and were properly impressed with what they played. The latest long-running franchise game was the first to use Capcom’s RE engine on Switch, and Digital Foundry said, “The compromise is clear, but the results are impressive.” When docked and played, the game resolution is 1344 x 756 and the handheld is 960 x 540. Thankfully, Capcom has locked the frame rate to 30fps. You can read their analysis here and our review here.

“Of course, the overall level of detail remains lower than in Monster Hunter World. Due to the limited range of leaves, you will certainly notice the appearance of a” flat textured surface “in many areas, but overall. Works for. The much smaller village area is certainly one of the highlights, using distant views gorgeously to give what is a simple gameplay hub a beautiful aesthetic. And it is provided despite the limited use of the entire feature set of the RE Engine. However, “restricted” does not mean that the feature is not used at all. For example, blurred depth of field can be too computationally expensive for gameplay, but it appears in engine-driven cutscenes.

The image quality is acceptable, but it differs from the current average release because it completely ignores temporary antialiasing and prioritizes a sharper, noisier look. In docked mode, the pixel count shows a fixed resolution of 1344 x 756, and the edges produce a normal sample count of 21 out of 30 pixels. Due to the nature of the images, it’s easier to count than regular modern game releases. In portable mode, this drops to 960×540. This is slightly below the native resolution of the PS Vita screen. Anyway, this is a great looking game. It’s okay to meet today’s standards, but it’s crafted for the target platform, and of course that’s the point. “

“After all, Capcom feels like it has done a good job building this latest Monster Hunter installation. The RE engine has been properly scaled up and developers haven’t compromised performance on the Tegra X1 processor. We’ve made the right balance with technology to make sure you get a good-looking game. Even if the right cuts are made and certain sections sometimes look a bit plain, the game looks good overall. Capcom doesn’t seem to have finished the game yet. With the advent of the PC version next year, the RE engine’s capabilities could be further expanded for a richer and smoother game, but here and at least now. , It is the purchase of the switch that Monster Hunter Rise is recommended. “


Digital Foundry: Monster Hunter Rise Switch runs at 960×540 handheld & 1344×756 docked and is capped at 30fps

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