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Tony Hawk is Michael Jordan on skateboarding. After skateboarding jumped from subculture to mainstream sports, the man is now a popular name. Skateboarding is set to debut at the postponed 2020 Olympics and is recognized as a sport like never before, and Tony Hawk is more famous for his talent.

Tony Hawk’s celebrity has pushed the limits of his skateboarding skills. Athletes have been sewn into the cultural structure of millennials and Zoomers with great success. Tony Hawks A video game series that has produced an intense sequel almost every year since its premiere in 1999.

If you haven’t heard of Tony Hawk games (And i must have you), You would have seen him in dozens of other ways.Professional athletes have emerged as guests on small screens from huge shows such as: The simpsons & Masked singer For a late-night cult hit Eric Andre Show.. But his latest project came to us through the addictive social media app Twitter.

I don’t know you?

Tony Hawk posts his fan encounters on Twitter. However, these encounters do not go as expected. Fans aren’t aware of the great Tony Hawk. Athletes enjoy this and make the people they meet think about why he looks so similar. .. .. who?

Tony Hawk has shared the time that fans are most aware of him for years. Even before the era of COVID-19, masks can double you to see the familiar face on the street. Let’s look back at some of Tony Hawk’s great break-ins on Twitter.


It was normal to fly around the world and see new places (We are not crying, it is in our eyes), Airport security may slow down your trip. In 2017, Hawk showed me how TSA agents couldn’t find a well-known skater even after reading their ID.

The tweet says “TSA Agent (check my ID):” Hawk, like that skateboarder Tony Hawk! ” Me: Exactly her: “Cool, what has he been doing lately? Me: This.”

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In 2018, Twitter reported that Hawk had another opportunity to be recognized by plane. This led to even more troublesome encounters. This time, Hawk was discovered as himself, but it couldn’t have happened so smoothly.

According to the tweet, the flight attendant checking the overhead bottle looked at the four skateboards and jokingly asked Hawk. “Is Tony Hawk on this flight?” Then the clerk looked down, looked at him, and simply said, “I think he is.”

Tony Hawks

Tony Hawk’s Twitter encounter moved from a mundane moment on the trip to a spectacular setting, like when he took his child. Disneyland His tweet that summer talks about his encounter waiting for Churros at a famous theme park.

The girl in front of the Hawks told him he looked like Tony “Hawks”. He asked if that was a good thing she answered, “I think so.”


The encounter of Tony Hawk’s self-deprecating cognitive failure came back during the pandemic. On Thursday, he tweeted about another nasty encounter. This time, I spent time with the children at the COVID-19 test site.

The tweet details a woman examining the Hawk family’s documents and asking, “Do you have anything to do with Tony Hawk?” Hawk replied “yes” and the woman asked if he was pulling his leg. Instead of correcting her hawk, she simply said, “Yes, we all have a direct relationship with him.”

Tony Hawk reinvented himself as a comedian who tells his cheerful and nasty stories on Twitter. Encounters will definitely continue, probably more often with mask obligations across the country. If not careful, he will be recognized not by the praise of skateboarding, but by the story of his clinge-worthy Twitter.

The most annoying Twitter thread – Film Daily

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