The most beloved and hated game villain

Looking for last-minute inspiration for Halloween costumes? Now that the creepiest time of the year is imminent, whether it’s a frustrating cartoon or an evil dragon, it’s the perfect time to pay homage to the villains of the best games.

Searches for “Adult Joker Costumes” have increased by 300% in the last 12 months, with British expected to spend more than £ 474m on costumes, decorations and treats than in 2019, many of us. Clearly wants to make. In preparation for the shortage of last year’s Halloween party.

Using data from Linkfluence, Ebuyer Revealed the villains of the game that are producing the most conversations online and the villains who are experiencing the most negative and positive emotions.

Game villain game Positive emotions% Negative emotion% Number of conversations
Joker Batman 14 11.8 5,292,529
Bowser Super mario bros 14.5 12.7 1,194,048
Scarecrow Batman 13.7 648,497 5.97
Sephiroth Final Fantasy 17.7 16.6 615,285
Great demon Street Fighter 9.07 9.62 326,415
Dracula Castelvania 13.2 7.45 210,474
GlaDOS Portal 12.5 11.7 151,246
Dr. Robotnik Sonic the hedgehog 14.2 10.7 105,860
Domin Wanda and the Colossus. 11.1 3.72 104,950
Pyramid head Silent hill 2 11.7 23.9 89,561
Shodan System shock 2 10.6 7.35 35,310
Blue shell Mario Kart 11.4 17.1 34,277
Arduin The Elder Scrolls 8.2. 8.2 20.8 32,365
Albert Wesker resident Evil 14.1 7.6 29,561
Handsome Jack Borderlands 39.9 6.87 29,540
Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat 8.1 13.5 26,875
Andrew Ryan Bioshock 14 6.88 15,031
Phantom man Mass effect 3 6.25 15.9 12,279
Mr. Resetti Animal Crossing 23.3 14.4 11,205

The most talked about game villain

Perhaps not surprisingly, the infamous The Joker has been the talk of the game’s villains the most, with about 5.3 million conversations in the last 12 months.

Meanwhile, Mario’s long-term rival Bowser is the second most talked about villain, producing 1.2 million conversations. Third, there was fear of inducing scarecrow, another enemy of Batman, with about 650,000 negative conversations over the past year.

The game villain that bothers us the most

The silent hill series of faceless pyramid heads has been shown to be the most hated game enemy, with 24% of all conversations being negative emotions.

The Elder Scrolls franchise Alduin is the second most hated villain in the game, with 21% of conversations about him aimed at destroying everything in his path. Has won.

Although not exactly a character, Mario Kart’s blue shell is a controversial feature, with over 17% of all conversations being negative and top of the list as one of the most hated villains. I have.

The villain of the game we love most

Handsome Jack in the Borderlands series is the most beloved villain ever, with an amazing 40% of all conversations having positive emotions.

Meanwhile, Animal Crossing Resetti is the second most beloved villain, producing over 23% positive conversations.

Finally, Sephiroth in the FINAL FANTASY series is the third most beloved villain, with almost 18% of conversations about this mysterious character having positive emotions.

Andy Roberts, Ebuyer’s e-commerce director, commented on the study.

“All gamers can play as their favorite in-game heroes, but the most striking and engaging characters are often villains.

“If you’re looking for inspiration for Halloween costumes, see a summary of the most talked-about, beloved and hated game adversaries!”

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The most loved and hated gaming villains

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