The most popular game character ever

We spent a lot of time at home, learning more about our favorite video games and falling in love with different game characters. But there is a lot of debate about which characters are the country’s favorite!

With this in mind, experts wanted to find the most popular game character ever from the best-selling video game franchise *. For a thorough investigation, has analyzed the following factors to index game fans:

  • Franchise sales
  • World average search for the past year
  • Number of Instagram hashtags
  • Number of Reddit mentions
  • Gamer popularity score (survey)

Top 10 most popular characters can reveal that it was chosen as the most popular game character in the first place. Mario large-scale 451 fan index points!

Mario Ranked # 1 in amazing franchise sales 653,000,000 A worldwide copy of the Mario game was sold and he was easily bagged 100 points. Fun and loving characters are ranked 6th in the average search around the world. 4,606,547 (86 points) Only last year! Despite these results, Mario was only the 10th most popular. 45% Gamers chose him as their ultimate favorite.

Not too late Second place is Sonic the hedgehog When 394 points.. Extraterrestrial hedgehogs ranked second in global search (59,700,000)Give him 97 points! He was voted favorite Just 21% of gamersinvestigated, However Got 91 points For him 94,300 Reddit mentions.

Link From The Legend of Zelda place Third, accumulate 377 point!It’s no surprise that the Nintendo series stars were ranked top on Reddit’s mention. (3,920,000) And popularity score (74%), Receive Both are 100 points! Interestingly, he was ranked low in search volume and 1,196,200 Average number of searches over the past year.

By number four is Donkey Kong When 354 points, high score Annual average number of searches 3.93 million (83 points), 570,000 Instagram hashtags (77 points) And 26,400 Reddit references (80 points).

After completing the 10 most popular game characters, the result will be:

  1. Master Chief (Hello) 323 points, Crash (Crash Bandicoot) 323 points, Sora (Kingdom Hearts) 323 points
  2. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) 314 points
  3. Pac-Man (Pac-Man) 308 points
  4. Kirby (Kirby) 306 points
  5. Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) 294 points

The top 10 is closed Ezio Auditore da Florence, 4 stars Assassin’s Creed game, 291 points!

Bottom 10 characters

Ranking character Index point
twenty five Joel Miller (Last of Us) 188
26 Kratos (God of War) 186
27 Jack Roke (Need for Speed) 166
28 Clementine (The Walking Dead) 166
29 Aiden Earrings (Watch Dogs) 154
30 Captain John Price (Call of Duty) 146
31 Marcus Phoenix (Gears of War) 100
32 John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) 94
33 Simon Belmont (Akumajo Dracula) 74
34 Jack (BioShock) 48

Just make the bottom 10 Joel Miller, Ranking 25th From 34 possible locations, from Last of us..This is not surprising as the franchise only scored 14 points for that reason 24 million amount of sales. He also scored low on Reddit search, 29 points For him 1,670 mentions.

John Marston From Red Dead Redemption And Simon Belmont From Castlevania Neither was the most popular 94 And 74 points, Respectively.

Bioshock Jack Round the bottom 10 list slightly 48 points – Astonishing 403 points Candidates less than 1st place Mario.


  1. * com analyzes the list of best-selling video game franchises that have sold at least 20 million copies, pulls out the most popular / recognized characters from each, and lists the 36 most popular game characters to date. is created.
  2. The team then created an index that looked at several factors, including franchise sales, search volume using SemRush, the number of Instagram hashtags per character, and the number of references in Reddit.
  3. Finally, to complete the index, surveyed 4,567 gamers around the world, voted for favorites from the list, and asked each character to give a popularity score.
  4. Games with no playable protagonist have been removed from the list.
  5. Stashbird used Excel’s PERCENTRANK.INC function to normalize the data. This function returns the rank of a value in a dataset as a percentage of the dataset between 0 and 1. Then I multiplied these values ​​by 100 to get them in the range 0-100. The maximum score a character could receive was 500. This allowed the team to rank 36 characters from the most popular to the least based on total points. The data was collected on February 29, 2021 and is correct at that time.


  • The· most Popular game characters Mario, How 451 points from fan index
  • Second place is Sonic the hedgehog When 394 points, Astonishing reception 59,700,700 Google search last year
  • The Legend of Zelda Link land Third place When 377 points, Hold maximum Number of Reddit mentions
  • at least Popular game characters Jack From BioShock for free 48 points!

credit The person who entrusted the data.

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