The mysterious wonder of distributing the retail version of Frankenstein’s mother

Frankenstein.. It’s a classic literature written by Mary Shelley, from a dream she had on vacation with friends of other writers. Many games and media have picked up Mary Shelley’s work and adapted it to the desktop, Frankenstein’s mother Looks like it brings the author’s life to your table top. And Arcane Wonders will bring it to retail stores.

From the announcement:

Arcane Wonders (Texas, USA), Hatch escape (California, USA) and Prodigal Inc (California, USA) is excited to announce that Arcane Wonders will distribute a retail version of the next three volumes of narrative games.Frankenstein’s mother“.

Inspired by the life of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s mother Divided into three games or “volumes” of the story, 1-6 players solve 10-15 hours of puzzles, create 2D and 3D jigsaw puzzles, analyze gorgeous documents and explore mysterious artifacts. increase. A shocking re-recognition of the true story behind Sherry’s famous monster.

MoF With New York Times best-selling novelists Tommy Wallach, Terry Petty Glue Lorap, and Hatch Escapes LA mugAjin’s number one escape room “Laborat” in Los Angeles.Produced by Grammy Award-winning and 15-time Tony Award-nominated Prodigal Lead Producer Small jagged pills And TV series Private Detective Dark Gentry Holistic Detective Office.. The game was invented by Wallach, Pettigrew-Rolapp, and Prodigal’s Arvind Ethan David.

First released Kickstarter In September 2020, the game will raise nearly $ 250,000 and will be available to backers before the 2022 retail release.

The game tells a story through three puzzle collections, The Shelley Volumes, as a way for Mary Shelley to tell her son Percy Shelley a big secret.

In Volume 1, the player learns about Mary Shelley’s childhood, followed by her father’s education, and reads her correspondence with the great poet Percy Shelley, who embarks on a terrifying romantic relationship. In Volume 2, Mary and Percy proceed to Frankenstein Castle, where Mary learns the art of sacred resurrection. In Volume 3, players create a huge 3D model of Frankenstein Castle and use it to solve the final batch of puzzles, revealing Mary’s dark secrets.


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