The name above the title is sizzling in an almost silent style

Nightstream 2021 Review: The name on the title is sizzling in a near-silence style

Candido lives a quiet life as a serial killer in Lisbon. The abuse is overlooked until one night’s tragic event turns him into a social media sensation. Candido wants to keep killing if he doesn’t stop for a moment to take a selfie with his fans. Unfortunately for him, all this attention threatens to reveal his murderous abuse. Even if the truth about the night is revealed, he may never be able to kill him.

There are many things that make Carlos Conceição Name above the title stand out. First and foremost, the story is told without cryptanalytic dialogue. There are some utterances, but they are tweets rather than tweets. You know what is being said, but you don’t need to know what someone is saying because their gestures, glances, and looks tell the story. The second is only one hour long. Perhaps it’s too short to be considered a feature film, but if you have a story that focuses on this, don’t worry.

Joana Ribeiro will star as all the victims. Not only does she represent the object of frank desire, but she cannot distinguish one after another by playing all the victims. Except for costume and hair changes, if you look at his prey frankly, they all look the same. There is no identity, only victims. Matthieu Charneau is a killer candy. Blessed with good looks and charm, he is calm, confident and can captivate you with a smile.

João Arrais has rejoined the coach in various roles. He stands out as a cool hunter to discover “hero” candies, and as a paparazzi photographer who begins to uncover the essence of candies. Similarly, only two other actresses, Leonor Silveira and Teresa Madurga, make up the main cast of the film.

not only Name above the title Exotic, sexy, and deadly, it’s incredibly well done and photographed. A stylish launch, some scenes backed by an impressive soundtrack, create a music video-like seggy in a new chapter in the story. Also interesting is that the films are presented in a 4: 3 ratio as a tribute to the era of silent films shot in the same aspect ratio. To say that each Conceison film is a silent film can be considered a reach, but why not come to that conclusion because of the way he presented it?

It’s fascinating how little light Conceição brings to the production. Instead, he seems to illuminate most shots using only existing ambient light sources. A series of lights along the coastline acts as a backlight. He always uses what we call light pollution as his light source. Light from distant cities reflects off the cloud cover above the pier where Candido disposes of the victims. It’s as dark as night, but you can clearly see everything that’s happening without dyeing the scene iridescent. It’s a mysterious effect.

Before he pays homage to 70’s cult directors like Russell and Jorodovsky at the last moment of the film Name above the title Similar to Yann Gonzalez’s Giallo Thriller Knife + heart.. Giallo itself is not overt, but there are some of the same elements in it, but the heightened sense of eroticism is probably the most pronounced of all. Conceição sometimes visually arrests and creates a lasting image of beauty and violence that lasts long after seeing. He is also acclaimed for using existing light sources to illuminate the gender and dangers of the 4: 3 world. All this is achieved without a word.

It is definitely recommended for those who prefer presentations to commentary.

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The name above the title is sizzling in an almost silent style

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