The New Blood series would have passed the baton to Rambo’s son

Like all long-running movie series, Sylvester Stallone Rambo franchise More movies passed than made, including planned ones Rambo: New Blood A television series following John Rambo’s son.Over the decades since Stallone’s mercenaries first exploded on the big screen, there were pitched films such as: Rambo 2 Featuring John Travolta as a comedy buddy, Rambo 5 It would have seen the character hunt genetically engineered monsters.It was dropped after the pitch was panned, and there was also a version Rambo 4 Later recycled as Jason Statham Thriller Home front..Of course, before the 2019s Rambo: Last Blood Stallone seemed to end up in one of his most famous roles, and that was when the discussion began about a series featuring Rambo’s son, the former Navy Seal JR.

While Stallone was participating as an executive producer, there was a big question about how much he wanted to participate in the project.The story was to explore Father-son relationshipHowever, the development of the series wasn’t too new to me, so nothing really was known about it until it was officially shut down in 2018. First Blood David Morrell, he started working on the project, but it seems that no one, even the creator of Rambo, could come up with the idea.

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“Rambo, like Sylvester, will now be in the early ’70s,” Morel explained in an interview with the Digital Spy. “So there is no TV series starring a man of that age. That’s not what people are watching right now. So what they were trying to do was Rambo has children.. And this kid was in one of the Gulf Wars and is back. And now he’s back from the war the way Rambo came back. [from Vietnam].. “

Morel went on to say, “Don’t worry that Rambo was traumatized in the war and couldn’t have a meaningful relationship, let alone give birth, but forget it all. Basically, [Rambo’s son] I was going to be a civilian with military skills … what? Right mistake?Was he going to be a version of Equalizer?? I couldn’t understand it. So as far as I know, it didn’t go anywhere. “

The series didn’t reach near the screen, but Rambo had previously appeared on television in the following form: 80’s cartoon Called Rambo: The power of freedom, Performed 65 episodes. Morel didn’t seem to be particularly happy with the show’s existence, saying, “I sometimes joked that I was Rambo’s father, and the character grew up and did something that had nothing to do with me, but at least. The anime series isn’t malignant. It wasn’t evil. I don’t suggest that the movie is, but [other] A franchise that you really don’t want to associate with. So in balance … I thought it was cute. Let’s say the manga is cute. “

Now with Stallone Finally ended with a franchise, Says that there will be no more chances for a live-action TV series in the future. Who is the streaming platform paving the way for more movie TV projects to find a home on a small screen and see a full restart of the franchise as a long-form series for a whole new generation? I don’t even know. With the current boom in revival in the 70’s and 80’s, Rambo Join the rank and move to TV.This comes from us Digital spy..

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The New Blood series would have passed the baton to Rambo’s son

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