The new Bugsnax update addresses these advancement bugs •

A new patch for Bugsnax has been released.

The 1.04.000 update, which attempts to address many of the game’s most pressing issues, includes a fix for the BossBugsnak bug, which prevented some players from progressing through the game.

It also resolves the “interrupt progress after leaving” issue in Floofty’s head game quest, making it a little easier to spawn the creatures needed to complete the quest.

Other quality of life adjustments include integrating the weather forecast into the journal and, perhaps most importantly, “improving the behavior of the character’s eyelids” during sleep. Shader.

A complete list can be found with our friends at VG24 / 7.

“Bugsnax is so interesting that I think it deserves a fairly short review,” Christian said in Eurogamer’s Bugsnax review.

“The real fun here is discovery and interpretation. Both require a little mystery. Really, stop reading now, go and play. Go and play Bugsnax. Say that. It’s not spoilers. It’s definitely worth your time. “

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