The new cutscene brings the finale of the Call of Duty Warzone storyline

It seems that Warroom, the final chapter of the Warzone storyline of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, has been released. This has released a new cutscene detailing the final result of the game’s core plot line. It’s finally time to see how this story ends. Will the operator succeed, or will the situation literally be at the core?

YouTuber was the first to access this scene, but you don’t have to be a pro gamer. To access this last scene, you need to collect and unlock all the pieces Intel currently available with the latest additions to the game. Keep this in mind when collecting, as you can only earn one Intel per game.There are a total of 5 Intel

The latest in the Warzone story brings the finale of Victor Zakahev’s hunting in Verdansk, as the countdown for nuclear missile launches is lower than ever. After collecting all 5 information, return to the main menu and[ミッション]Use the tabs to access the final scene.

Seemingly the dramatic conclusion of the Warzone story, the final cutscene will prevent all major modern war operators from besieging Victor Zakahev and launching nuclear missiles from inside Bunker # 10. It starts from the place where. Captain Price can incapacitate him with properly placed shots when they are intertwined. Price then threw Zakahef off the adjacent scaffolding, killing him.

The clock is dangerously low, so Captain Price can use the code provided by Nikolai to stop the missile launch, saving the day in time increments. The scene ends with a modern warfare operator overlooking Verdansk from above the dam while Captain Price chats with his old friend Thorpe McTavish. As they release new content, we have to wait for what’s next for the Call of Duty story in the future.

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