The new Dead Cells Update adds a new enemy, Katana

The latest free update to Dead Cells is now available just in time for players to dive into their beloved roguelike games on vacation. This update adds new content, including the much-requested sword, as well as rework and tweaks to existing systems.

Although Dead Cells was fully released over two years ago, side-scrolling roguelike games continue to be updated regularly, ready for a new DLC set to be released early next year.

The new update introduces the sword weapon for the first time and introduces a new mob in the form of a community-sponsored explosive crossbow-wielding demolisher. According to Motion Twin, Demolisher is primarily located at BC0 Distillery and will be used as an alternative upgrade to knife throwing later in the game.

A new lore room has been added to embody the story of the mysterious King’s Hand, but players still have to search for the room “somewhere in the castle”. This update adds new outfits such as Christmas-themed costumes, as well as Camembert as a new food item that speaks to Motion Twin’s French flair.

This update adds some major tweaks to the system, such as weapon colors. These systems have been modified to remain consistent with a wider range of weapons. The backpack and three related mutations have been tuned and the Murrays mechanics have also improved thanks to player feedback.

A complete list of patch notes, including other minor fixes and tweaks, can be found here. This update is available for Steam players, but console players will have to wait until January.

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