The new Mars game is a planet builder, not a city builder

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Per Aspera is a new PC game released this week that will play as an AI to transform Mars from a large cold rock into a place where humans can walk their dogs outside a lush park of grass.

As long as you build a building that interacts with other buildings, it is a spiritual city builder and the step-by-step purpose is to make your place of residence bigger and bigger.But Per Aspera is very I’m not really a city builder because I’m deeply involved in the science of terraforming and I’m pretty devoted to its setup (the AI ​​responsible for loading construction drones and robots).


image: Per Aspera

Consider a game like this Factorio And you may be approaching the mark.. As you make more and more and spread across the surface of Mars, your only concern is to tear resources from the ground and turn them into more for your expansion, and you Much of what we expect from city builders is that the sandbox element that makes everything look beautiful and comfortable doesn’t really exist here.

Optimization is everything here. You are the computer responsible for other computers, very It’s a big job to do, it costs a lot of time to make sure that the roads are running as fast as possible, that the factory has enough raw materials, and that there is enough power and minerals to actually try the conversion. It has been killed. Instead of simply feeding the planet, the infinite expansion of your place of residence.

This sounds very boring and massy, ​​and sometimes it can be, but boys, Per Aspera We know this and compensate in some important areas.

First of all, this game has a story! Well, there’s also sandbox mode, but narrative campaigns are definitely a better option. I won’t spoil it because things get pretty rough later, but you start the game as a very functional AI with a very clear mission, your reconciliation grows and more When you unlock the technology, things … start to change. Few people are on Mars, so at least initially, they’ll be companions through constant radio chatter from colleagues and bosses. This helps tell the story that unfolds as you play longer (and especially Lyra is of the highest quality), Berzins as player AI and Troy Baker as creator.

And second, it’s just beautiful.. Per Aspera It’s not set to tile maps or static isometric spaces, so you can play across the planet. This gives you the perfect sense of scale and accomplishment for sitting and relaxing. You can zoom in and see the little drone worker suffering. You can zoom out to see the entire planet at once. The best part is to find a spot somewhere in between and move Mars with your mouse.It’s like a god, and for every task that entered the Terraforming system of Mars, its representation of all galaxies Aspera Maximum success.


image: Per Aspera

I’ve been playing this game for about a week and I enjoy it almost every second, although it can be a bit annoying. The terraforming efforts and related stories have some serious pacing issues that can fly in certain areas and remain quiet and monotonous, dying for hours at a time. Given how important and destructive it is, the game also has some combat aspects that feel quite undervalued.

Per Aspera is a pretty good game if you are interested in building a city, and a pretty good game if you are interested in system optimization or factory building. But if you’re looking for something that doesn’t feel as harsh as Dr. Manhattan, that’s great.

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