The new master action figure of the universe contains an aged evil phosphorus

Mattel releases images of the new Masters of the Universe: Apocalypse Action Figure. Kevin Smith oversees the next article in the media franchise.

Mattel’s new promotional photo Space master The toy line reveals a little older Evil-Lyn, based on the character version of Kevin Smith’s next series, Space Master: Revelation.. The· sales clerk The director directs the latest television shows of Mattel’s fantasy media franchise since the 1980s. The franchise is based on action figures produced by the company, which created character-based minicomics, followed by animated television shows, DC comics, and live-action films.Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe that is The most famous property in the franchise Since its premiere in 1983, it has become a symbol of fantasy pop culture.

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Space master It takes place not only in the existence of mythical fantasy, but also in Eternia, a fantasy planet inhabited by both good and evil types of sorcerers. Heeman is the main character in the story and uses his superhuman powers to protect Eternia from the dark, power-hungry wizard Skelter. He-Man’s struggle with the skelter MOTU Tradition that supporting characters appear in the story on both sides of the battle as the franchise develops over time. Netflix announced that there are two new ones in 2019 MOTU Project in progress: Family-friendly reboot He-Man and the Masters of the Universe And Smith’s animated sequel series, Space Master: Revelation.

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Mattel Earlier released the first image of the next line of that action figure revelationof Premiere on July 23, including the dilapidated Evil-Lyn.Line is also a feature Unknowingly older versions of He-Man and Skeletor, A bulky former house pet of the core characters Mosman, Battlecat, and He-Man. The Master Bath Collection is a total of 6 figures and will be available for purchase from June 15th. Each figure consists of more than 30 joints, has a wide range of motion, and comes with a series of accessories. Mattel’s new Evil-Lyn action figure looks like this with and without a helmet:

Mattel's Evil-Lyn action figure from the Masters of the Universe Revelation.
Mattel's Evil-Lyn action figure from the Masters of the Universe Revelation.

Along with the other characters in the toy line, Evil-Lyn is older, but negligible, than when it last appeared on the main plot line. The white hair of the action figure is not a marker of old age, but a physical feature that matches the character’s past representations. Smith’s series takes up the breaks in the 1983 series and tries to tie up some loose ends that still plague fans of old comics. The first episode of the new series is similar to the old series, but an unspecified “cataclysm event” changes the course of the rest of the story of the show. Evil-Lyn is voiced by the perfectly cast Lena Heady. He will be joined by Chris Wood as He-Man, Mark Hamill as Skeletor, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Telea, and Justin Long as Roboto.

Smith’s nostalgic sequel is by fans, for fans, Obviously the purpose is to capture the original spirit. It is correct that Mattel has released a new line of action figures that complement the series. He-man You can relive the complete experience at their youth.Back pitch Space Master: Revelation Is promising. Combining the unfinished story and unanswered questions of the original show while exploring the classic character at a deeper level. Evil Lin is probably the most attractive character in the series. She is a devoted subordinate of Skelter and at the same time openly acknowledges her ambition to overtake him one day. Mattel’s action figures are an exciting sneak peak in the latest form of the character.

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The new master action figure of the universe contains an aged evil phosphorus

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