The New Mutants, Hulu’s Run, and 10 new movies to watch at home

The holiday season means new movies and TV shows coming from all directions. Adventure time HBO Max fans may be spending 45 minutes this weekend obsidian, A new special that continues the story of Bubblegum and Marceline. To meet all your Lifeday needs, Disney Plus has a second Star Wars-themed holiday special. This time it is rendered in Lego and spans the first part, the original and the sequel.

Sometimes I see the trailer We are heroes, Pure, chaotic and fun sequel Shark Boy & Mag Girl Adventure We went to Netflix over and over again in January until our brains melted. It’s such a month!

On top of that, this week we’re offering a ton of movie hits in theaters earlier this year and high-quality straight-to-demand titles of interest. So, here’s a new movie you can watch on VOD this weekend to help you get through all the options.

New Mutants

Where to look: Digital rental, $ 5.99 Amazon and Apple

Image: 20th Century Studios

After sitting down for years Because of your star Josh Boone’s horror-like take on the X-Men finally sneaked into the theater in August.Technically yet Although it’s a theater, the movie wasn’t the savior that Multiplex wanted Tenet Would; so far, the United States has only earned $ 23 million. For many New Mutants I was destined to watch a home video — and now it’s time to entertain that morbid curiosity. From our review:

Character New Mutants Pushed into a plot like Stephen King wrote On the cuckoo’s nestAlthough I don’t specifically claim one thing. Superhero horror films move from scary scenes to teenage films with an attitude and a cool atmosphere, but they don’t fully embody or influence either direction.

Personal history of the bottom writer

Where to look: Digital rental, $ 5.99 at Apple

The personal history of the bottom writer: Hugh Laurie and Dev Patel see an old box

Photo: Dean Rogers / Fox Searchlight

A rethink of Charles Dickens’ novel by Veep creator Armando Iannucci, this work casts Dev Patel as an adventurous David. The cast is piled up, with Hugh Laurie, Tilda Swinton, Ben Whishaw, Peter Capaldi, Daisy May Cooper and Benedict Wong all popping up, and Ianucci has an adaptive light at his feet. From Vulture Review:

Personal history of the bottom writer It doesn’t make much fun of its source material because it enjoys it […] It ’s a sweeter and gentler event than Ian Nucci ’s last movie, 2017. Stalin’s death — A terribly dark comedy that portrays the power struggle of the Central Commission as a mundane but murderous dysfunctional workplace.But elastic buoyancy is running Personal history of the bottom writer It proves to be irresistible by the end of the journey. In addition to benefiting from kindness, the protagonist overcomes difficulties and cruelty, yet he does not lose his ability to be fascinated by people.


Where to look: Rental digitally, $ 5.99 on Amazon. $ 4.99 on Apple

Carrie Coon and Jude Law are nicely dressed in Nest's mirror

Image: IFC Films

Latest movie from Martha Mercy May Marlene Director Sean Durkin is a nasty family drama about the poisoning of greed. It’s also a perfect showcase for Jude Law and Carrie Coon. They get out of their depths and fight like giants when they are in debt. From a review:

nest It’s not a haunted house movie in itself, but it does take advantage of the visual metaphors of this genre. I often feel that something ominous is lurking in every corner.But the most ominous element in Nest- And most frightening is the havoc of blind ambitions when tied to a sense of injured qualifications.That’s the hovering gargoyle Around Rory (Jude Law), a hugely successful entrepreneur returning his American family to his native England for the work he wants to do. His wife, Alison (Carrie Coon), a trainer, hesitates to leave the United States, but she agrees. And his stepdaughter Samantha (Ounarocchi) and son Ben (Charlie Shotwell) are well adapted to their new life. They moved around a lot. They know the drill.


Where to look: Digital rental, $ 4.99 Amazon; $ 6.99 at Vudu and Apple

Nicolas Cage with long, rattled hair confronts Alan Mussy, who is holding both ends of a Jiu-Jitsu staff member.

Photo: Avenue

To Jiu-jitsu, Nicolas Cage basically plays Raiden Mortal Kombat As a man from Big LebowskiGuide a band of fighters when they take on the aliens who want to kick their ass. Tony Joe, Frank Grillo and Alan Mussy are all here. Is it the best movie ever? close. From our review:

Once it’s up and running, it doesn’t feel like a waste of viewer time. As the movie progresses, human enemies of alien fighters fall to the side of the road as they take on extraterrestrial murder machines.The setup owes much to the human vs. alien classic Predator, And sometimes, doing so, our heroes will be able to camouflage themselves in the middle of the forest. But originality doesn’t really matter. Cageless comedy attempts have been unsuccessful, but thanks to Logothetis’ solid and no-frills approach, the action remains exciting.


Where to look: Streaming on Hulu

Sarah Paulson in a wheelchair touches her daughter's face in Hulu's movie

Photo: Allen Fraser / Hulu

Trailer Run There was a serious atmosphere of the Munchausen by proxy thriller. Is something more happening under the surface?With director Aneesh Chaganty behind the computer screen chase movie Searching, Anything seems possible.

What’s new in Netflix this weekend

  • Alien Christmas, Old Christmas Special Vein Stop Motion Holiday Hibari
  • I love you if anything happensThe first of many new animated short stories heading to the platform
  • Princess Switch: Switch again — In the title!
  • And on Sunday, Dolly Parton’s latest masterpiece, Christmas in the square

And this is what fell last Friday:

Come away

Where to look: Digital rental, $ 19.99 Amazon and Apple

David Eurowo is surrounded by children who are delighted with the Brenda Chapman movie

Photo: Theory of Relativity

Angelina Jolie and David Eurowo lead the cast Egyptian prince And Brave The first live-action film directed by Brenda Chapman. Rethinking and intertwining the story of Peter Pan and Alice bound to Wonderland. The result is like a reference game when we enter the review.

Chapman opens and closes Come away There are many more literary references in the sequence of adult Alice (Gugu Mubasa Lo) reading Yeats’s “Stolen Child” to her children, and between those bookends. .. Come away From the crocodile eating Captain Hook’s hand to the Red Queen’s “Brow your head!”, Fill the world of Peter and Alice with a clear origin. Catchphrase. With so many blatant viewer nudges, it starts to feel more like a farce than a reference. By the time Peter and Alice encounter a goofy haberdashery ( wireClarke Peters), spitting out Mad Hatter’s riddles and familiar lines, going out of the movie, what’s really real in this story, and the whimsical and mysterious attempts of the movie to survive the fuzzy execution It’s hard to wonder if you can.

Fireball: Visitors from the Dark World

Where to look: Streaming on Apple TV Plus

A giant crater on Australia's Red Earth from a fireball documentary

Image: Apple TV Plus

A new film by the famous documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog (Forgotten dream cave, Grizzly Man) And Cambridge volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer are changing the way we look at the cosmic history of meteorites and their impact on global culture. Interviews with scientists, artists and historians are woven together with Herzog’s gliding cameras and poetic narration to create something truly spectacular. As the filmmaker told Polygon in an exclusive interview, fireball To see the wonders of the universe that are bigger than the real thing. “It’s the excitement and awe of science. That’s what science and filmmaking have in common. Without awe, you wouldn’t have your own film.”

Echo boomer

Where to look: Rental digitally, $ 6.99 for Vudu and Apple

Echo Boomer wears a skull mask

Image: Saban Filns

OK, Echo Boomer.. Michael Shannon leads packs of young guns such as Patrick Schwarzenegger and Alex Pettyfer to make traditional art robbery films where people wear masks and brandish guns. As THR says:

Cess Savoy’s debut feature seeks to update the venerable genre by adding sociological themes to the mix, forcing today’s millennials to pursue a criminal life for unjustified economic opportunities. Make a social statement on how to do it.As a result, the pace slows down echo Baby boomer generation Have all the excitement of a feature-length essay Nation..

Chick Fight

Where to look: Rental digitally, $ 6.99 on Amazon, Vudu and Apple

Chick Fight: Malin Akerman is preparing to fight

Image: Distribution of tremors

WatchmenMalin Akerman produced and starred in this R-rated comedy about a woman who is financially struggling to get rid of frustration on the Fight Club stage. She has shown a good promise to recruit a former boxer (Alec Baldwin) to shape her. Comedy, drama, and punch.

Jungle land

Where to look: Digital rental, Amazon, Vudu, Apple $ 9.99

Jungleland Charlie Hunnam and Jack O'Connell

Paramount Pictures

In one of Paramount’s many films aimed to be shown in theaters this year, we just bounce to VOD in the hope of finding an isolated audience. Jungle land As the brothers making it in the world of Bare-knuckle boxing, we will star two smashers, Charlie Hunnam and Jack O’Connell. The journey is what you might expect — bad decisions, criminal bosses, fights in their lives — but with all accounts, both actors offer knockout performances.

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