The new Nintendo leak reveals the original plan for the switch-early design, cut capabilities

The new Nintendo leak reveals the original plan for the switch – early design, cut capabilities

Posted by Brian on December 22, 2020 (@NE_Brian) News, switch

There were many leaks from the Nintendo archives throughout 2020.They provided interesting information about some classics, including: Super Mario 64 Luigi, Proposal of a portable GameCube with a dock and a successor to the more powerful GameCube, Canceled Gameboy / Gameboy Color Game, More. 2020 is almost over, but not before Nintendo leaks further. This time is Switch.

Switch leaks cover 2014 documentation long before the system was completed. Twitter user orcastraw And Fore illusion I shared some of the interesting discoveries. You can review the initial design (above) and learn about cutting features such as backward compatibility with 3DS.

Here is a complete summary of the bite:

– Switch name was decided on the way back to 2014
– Nintendo’s original switch concept used AT Ericsson’s SoC
– This console supports 3D video and appears to be backward compatible with 3DS.
– StreetPass, SpotPass, and pedometer features planned like 3DS
– Undecided, but the final device will show one or two screens, probably one
– This screen is limited to 480p (final switch is 720p)
– This device can broadcast video via Miracast
– That is, this concept could be for a portable console that does not dock to the TV and, like the Wii U GamePad, displays the unit wirelessly on the TV in a usable state.
– AT-equipped switches support video capture with the ability to add a video / audio “commentary”.Then you can upload it to “Nintendo World”
– The datasheet outlines the video and audio “meeting” features while the game is playing.
– ST Switch has dedicated hardware to promote backward compatibility with 3DS
– ST switch has 1 gigabyte of RAM
– The camera also supports 480p video
– This is uncertain because there is no “OK” in the sleep mode section, but you may be able to resume playback from sleep mode by pressing a gesture.

As many know, the switches eventually turned out to be very different. Nintendo eventually partnered with NVIDIA and has few of the above features. We’ve arrived at a system that’s portable yet easy to dock and connect to a TV, which has clearly changed some concepts.

New Nintendo leak reveals original plans for Switch – early design, cut features

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