The new Peacemaker trailer shows off its serious side (and many guns)

Peacemaker’s new trailer seems to show a more complex and serious side to the character. It’s not without the movie explosions and the fair share of rugged weapons.

There’s more than a month left before John Cena’s character returns to HBO Max’s Peacemaker. With that in mind, a new trailer for the show has been launched. This seems to show off the more complex aspects of superheroes / villains.

After quickly becoming a fan favorite at this year’s The Suicide Squad, James Gunn will once again collaborate with the character for the next HBO Max series. The show’s new trailer (you can see above) has different aspects of Cena’s character. From dealing with family problems to doubting his own desire to fight for peace at all costs, the murderer probably developed a new moral view that was lacking in previous outings. ..

The trailer makes us believe that the bright side of Peacemaker may be glimpsed, but it immediately suggests the challenges that may be in front of the character. “You told me to kill the child, you didn’t tell me why,” Peacemaker asks mercenary Clemson Mann. “Now the world needs a bitch son,” he reacts vaguely during the climax point of the clip.

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