The new Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid event is now live

A new Max Raid event has begun at Pokemon Sword and Shield. Throughout the month, certain normal and dragon-type Pokémon frequently appear in the Wild Area, Armor Island, and Max Raidden in the Crown Tundra. This includes the Gigantamax version of Snorlax and Duraldon.

From now until January 31st, you’ll be more likely to encounter the next Pokemon and its pre-evolved forms in Max Raid battles on both Swords and Shields.

  • To wear
  • Cinccino
  • Snorlax
  • Haxorus
  • Goodra
  • Duraldon

As mentioned earlier, Gigantamax Snorlax and Gigantamax Duraludon will also appear more frequently this month. Giganta Max Pokemon are usually very rare outside of these events, so if you’ve missed them before, it’s a good time to add them to your collection. If you have an extended sword or shield pass, you can also teach compatible Pokemon how to do Gigantamax at the Master Dojo on Armor Island.

The Max Raid Nest needs to be updated before the Event Pokemon can be seen in the game. You can do this by connecting Y-Comm online or by opening and selecting Mystery Gifts Get Wild Area News.. For more information on the event, please visit Pokemon’s official website.

In other Pokemon News, another free Pokemon is available for a limited time.Pokemon Company presents Free Pikachu Until January 15th. This particular Pikachu comes with Thunderbolt, Swift, Wish, and Celebrate moves.You can claim free Pokemon by opening and selecting the Mystery Gift menu Obtained via internet..

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