The new sprinter cell has an open world “similar to Halo Infinite”

Is an open world suitable for sprinter cells? (Photo: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft’s new Splinter Cell game has been described by the latest rumors as “a more stealth version of Assassin’s Creed.”

There have been rumors and hints about new sprinter cells for a long time, but no insider knowledge is needed to suggest that a new sprinter cell is under development. The real question is whether it will actually be released.

Prototypes that probably play like Hitman were tested prior to this year’s E3, but new rumors have named other affected games as well.

Serial leaker Tom Henderson, who has proven to be very accurate about Battlefield in the past, claims that the new game is “early development” and “a kind of open world.”

It’s no shock that Ubisoft turns one of its old franchises into an open-world game. Henderson claims it’s like “a more stealth version of Assassin’s Creed” (or perhaps quoting one of his sources).

It’s not clear how the two games are similar, but a more unexpected comparison is with Halo Infinite.

The most obvious assumption is that the game is divided into missions that occur in a linear environment and missions that occur in an open world.

In Halo Infinite, this split occurs near the midpoint of the story and doesn’t return to the open world until you win the game, but it’s unlikely that other titles will copy that structure.

It’s been eight years since the last new sprinter cell was released. Tonight’s Game Awards event is an ideal place to unveil new games, but so far this year nothing has been suggested.

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New Splinter Cell will have open world ‘similar to Halo Infinite’ claims rumour

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