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New York, NY – December 21: New York Knicks Kemba Walker # 8 acting against Detroit Pistons at Madison Square Garden in New York City. User Note: By downloading or using this photo, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the terms of the Getty Images License Agreement. The New York Knicks defeated the Detroit Pistons 105-91. (Photo by Mike Stobe / Getty Images)

The new York Knicks won a big victory yesterday Christmas and defeated the Atlanta Hawks without Trae Young. Nevertheless, they still have some grounds to supplement in the east.

New York will be 12th at the Eastern Conference in seasons 15-18.After a relatively hot start, they It plunged to the earth.

In response to this poor play, Tom Thibodeau decided to remove Kemba Walker from the starting lineup. Not only that, he was completely removed from rotation.

What Terrible decision It turned out.

Kemba Walker should not have been removed from the New York Knicks Rotation

Since returning to the starting lineup, Kemba Walker has been on fire, primarily due to issues with the New York Knicks’ COVID and the participation of players in the Health and Safety Protocol.

He averaged 26.0 points, 8.3 rebounds and 7.0 assists, shooting 41.3 percent from the field and 39.5 percent from 3 points of land.

For this Triple-double against Hawks at Christmas, And a large 44-point performance against the Washington Wizards the other day.

Walker has played an average of over 40 minutes per game since December 18th, after havingn’t played at all for more than two weeks. Needless to say, when Walker got another chance, Tibodo noticed his mistake pretty quickly.

Knicks is struggling at both ends of the floor, and the overall theory is that removing Walkers from the lineup will improve defense.

The New York Knicks were terrible when Kemba Walker didn’t play

Well, unfortunately it wasn’t for them. Their numbers remained relatively the same, with Walker playing 1-7 in New York.

In total, the New York Knicks this season are 14-10 when Kemba Walker plays and 1-8 when not. It’s daunting why he was out of rotation in the first place.

It’s pretty clear that Walker won his spot in the rotation back, and he doesn’t seem to lose it at any time in the near future.

Knicks still has some things to understand, but there’s definitely one thing you need to know. That is, Kemba Walker is worth playing.

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The New York Knicks were stupid to remove Kemba Walker from rotation The New York Knicks were stupid to remove Kemba Walker from rotation

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