The next battlefield will be revealed this spring, EA says

Andrew Wilson of EA says: battlefield The game was officially announced this spring and is preparing for the 2021 holiday release.

Comments were received as part of EA’s latest investor phone (conveniently transcribed by Seeking Alpha), stating the latest entry in the FPS series: “We will publish the game in the spring and provide what is defined. battlefield Player experience during the 2021 holiday season. “

Wilson also said during the call: battlefield “Marking a full return to military war” and the next sequel “maximizing the power of next-generation platforms and with more players than ever” thanks to “unprecedented” maps Achieve large-scale immersive combat. ” “

The latter comment largely reflects current rumors swirling around the title, although EA hasn’t yet confirmed the exact number, and insiders claim to feature a battle of 128 players. ..Those same insiders also claimed that the game would take 2011 Battlefield 3 As an inspiration for what will be the first complete entry of the series on the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

In any case, we now know that it’s not too long to be sure.Last seen about what hasn’t been officially titled yet Battlefield 6 It was a short glance at the EA Play conference, which took the place of the regular E3 around show last June.

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