The next destination for the American Truck Simulator is Wyoming • .net

A new extension made fun of by Bison’s heavy trailer.

Although we rarely have time to admire the vast landscape of Colorado, American Truck Simulator is already heading to its next stop. Developer SCS today announced that Wyoming will receive extended treatment as the next US state.

“There are some of the country’s most breathtaking national parks. Wyoming is best known for its red-walled canyons, hot springs, historic prairie towns, pioneer history, and historic attractions. “SCS explains in the announcement article.

With the announcement of Wyoming, SCS shares the shortest video teaser and is in-store bison-related for those who are preparing for hypnotic Zen-like hauling throughout the latest state of American Truck Simulator. Provided peaks in just a few of the attractions of.

Is anyone missing a herd of bison?

If that’s still not enough, SCS will release a bunch of screenshots in progress from the new expansion pack, showing off the game’s upcoming reworked lighting system and some typical gorgeous views.

An early glimpse of the more beautiful sights of Wyoming.

Wyoming will be the eighth state added to the American Truck Simulator since its release in 2016, following Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho and Colorado, but SCS may still arrive. Does not show that there is on Steam.

According to the studio, its latest expansion is still in the early stages of development and is “just beginning to take shape.”


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