The next global update of Microsoft Flight Simulator focuses on the UK

Asobo Studios, the developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator, has announced plans to tweak the UK in the next World Update of Flight Sim. Japan was the first region to paint new in September, but many new airports and attractions were added to the United States earlier this week.

In a recent Twitch stream, Asobo provides a roadmap for future updates, and the UK will be listed below in World Update 3, which will be released on January 28th. The British Islands will be spruce up with the addition of a new set to the studio. List of data for the United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland has no map information yet, but Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, says the entire Ireland will be updated at some point in the future.

World Update 3 adds 50-60 points of interest to the map, and Asobo will use procedural technology to introduce new buildings, including churches, to the UK. Improvements can also be seen at many airports, including Liverpool EGGP, Land’s End and Manchester Burton. It has not yet been announced if Buckingham Palace is still an office building.

Separately, Asobo states that it will return to the United States in future World Updates, including improvements in both Hawaii and Alaska. VR support for all devices will also be available in the game with the December 22nd update.

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