The next Grand Prix event at Tetris 99 will feature the Mario Party Superstars theme

Nintendo Announced Another Grand Prix event this weekend for the Battle Royale puzzle game Tetris 99,This time Mario Party Superstars theme.

If you are familiar with the game so far, you will know the drill. Otherwise, it works as follows: From the start of the event, players will earn points depending on where they are placed from 100-1 in the game. Tetris 99.. The higher you place it, the more points you will earn. Collect 100 points to completely unlock the event theme.

NS Mario Party Superstars Themes include exclusive backgrounds, music, sound effects and UI based on party games. Released at the end of October, The game has revived some classics Mario Party I made a map of the N64 era and modified it in 2021. This collection also includes online multiplayer support. Sadly, it doesn’t include a way to cool the family debate when Birdo steals the last star from you.

Previous Tetris 99 For the Grand Prix event Monster Hunter Rise When Metroid Dread.. NS Mario Party Superstars The Grand Prix will run from 7am UK time on December 10th and will end shortly before 7am on December 14th. Tetris 99, For Nintendo Switch only.

Tetris 99’s next Grand Prix event has a Mario Party Superstars theme

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