The next Manhunt target for Division 2 is your old boss, Faylau

The next rogue agent you hunt when Season 4 of Division 2 Warlords of New York begins is none other than your former commander, Feilau. Currently a rogue agent, Lau will serve as the primary target for players to hunt down in the next Division 2 Manhunt, which will begin on December 8.

The structure of this man hunt is the same as before. Lau is leading the network of four other rogue division agents and needs to be tracked and eliminated individually to find her location. They were all hired by Black Task, a high-tech private military contractor who invaded Washington, DC at the end of the Division 2 story campaign.

Long-time players in the Division Series are undoubtedly intrigued by the twists – Lau acts as the first commander of an open world game and directs players to lead them to various snow-covered story missions. The streets of Manhattan. She reappeared in Division 2’s New York Warlord Expansion Pack and is now the commander of the New York City Division.

Over time, Lau has become a hard-edged character. Since the debut of Warlord in New York, I learned that Lau’s sister was killed during a Riker attack on the village of Hell’s Kitchen, and she started drinking in large quantities – and to the threat of great evil before. Aaron Keener doubts the department’s own ability to deal with it. At the end of the Warlords of New York campaign, I found her SHD watch turned red.

Season 4 needs to provide more hints on why Lau went wrong. Her doubts about the division’s abilities may have led her to look for a unit that could maintain order in New York, which is currently suffering from massive hurricane destruction. In addition to the green poison pandemic that started the first game event. Alternatively, it may become clear that she is forced to obey direct orders that she finds unethical.

This all begins with the arrival of the title update on December 8th. This also means new sets of weekly events, improved summits, new rewards, new equipment and weapons.

Seasonal outfits and gear sets are called riggers, and Ubisoft states that by focusing on “faster deployment and lethality,” it “allows agents to get the most out of their skills.” ..

There are also three new exotics to track. The Condenser Assault Rifle is a skill-based weapon that adds a stack of skill damage and each skill tier also adds damage. The Scorpio Shotgun is a rapid-fire weapon that adds a stack of stat effects to enemies, starting with poison and ending with additional damage. Finally, the corrugated holster adds a stack that increases skill damage, which is much faster than a condenser.

You can read the complete list of changes made on the official website. Division 2 may still be summer, but don’t worry. With a new holiday-themed weapon that shoots snowballs, you can feel like an old Christmas in New York.

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