The next patch of Baldur’s Gate 3 will have to start over

With Baldur’s Gate III in Early Access, it’s no surprise that developer Larian Studios is forced to make changes that could hinder the progress of the RPG. The first fork in the road is approaching in the next patch of the game. This makes save games incompatible.

In preparation for the patch, Larian Studios explained in a Steam post that players need to choose between updating and restarting or keeping the current game version. Larian has created a separate branch on Steam for those who aren’t ready to reroll yet. You can skip patch 3 and introduce some big story changes.

“Each patch comes with a secondary branch that allows you to continue playing previous versions of your existing save games until you’re ready to play the latest version,” the post said. “For example, you might want to wait for some patches to pass before rerolling. It’s entirely up to you!”

Branches are available on Steam, but not on the Stadia version of the game. You will need to restart on Google’s streaming platform. If you want to avoid new patches before they arrive on Steam, you need to do the following:

  • Right click on the game in the Steam library
  • Select a property
  • [ベータ]Click on the tab
  • [オプトインするベータ版を選択してください]In the list below, select patch2
  • Close property menu

You should also disable the automatic update of Baldr’s Gate III to prevent accidental updates of the game as soon as you log on. However, Larian states that save data is stored locally, so you can roll back the game at any time to keep the save data.

The response to Baldur’s Gate III has been very positive since the start of Early Access, which includes only the first act of the game. The studio is currently working hard to incorporate the feedback of all players it receives while developing the rest of the game’s content prior to its official release.

再生中: Baldur’s Gate3は失敗を楽しくする


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