The next roster update for WWE 2K Battleground will bring more superstars, items and arenas

Even before the release of WWE 2K Battleground, 2K had big plans, mainly focused on extending the post-release game and keeping things fresh. As soon as we see Goldberg, Batista and others join the battleground roster at the beginning of November, we’ll have the next roster update. This is the star of “Raheem” ​​Lillard and “Gronx Star”.

Starting today, we’ll be pushing the next WWE 2K Battleground update and adding it over the next few weeks, with 2K dropping over 9 new WWE Superstars, 17 customized items and 5 new arenas into the game. I will.

Lillard is the cover star of the NBA 2K21, trying to blur the lines and cross the boundaries of sports to hit the world of WWE 2K Battlgrounds with the brand new white and gold colorways of Adidas Dame 7 “Ric Flair” shoes. Partnership between Adidas and WWE Hall of Fame Ric Flair. In addition, Gronkster includes a white top and red shorts worn at WrestleMania 33 and blue and black animal print gear worn at WrestleMania 36’s 24/7 championship. , I went home with two alternative outfits.

But while these two may look like headlines, updates don’t stop there. In addition to the new arena, WWE Superstars, Legends and Hall of Fame will continue, including Macho Man Randy Savage, Edge and Rhea Ripley. The details and dates are as follows:

Monday, November 23:

  • Haunted House Arena (Unlocked);

Tuesday, November 24:

  • Gronkster (unlocked);
  • Macho Man Randy Savage;
  • Undertaker-American Badas outfit.
  • Thanksgiving Arena (unlocked);
  • Undertaker 30th Anniversary Arena;

Wednesday, December 2nd:

  • “Rahim” Lillard (unlocked);
  • Rhea Ripley (unlocked);
  • Boogie Man;
  • Halloween Circus Arena;

Wednesday, December 9:

  • Billie Kay (unlocked);
  • Cain;
  • Andrade;
  • Survivor Series Arena;

Wednesday, December 16:

  • Buddy Murphy (unlocked);
  • Peyton Royce;
  • edge

If you’re a player in the WWE 2K Battlegrounds scene, or want to take part in fast-paced actions, various power-ups, special movements, unconventional melee items, and interactive environments, 2K keeps you up to date. Wrestling take. If you haven’t played yet Xbox store Search for regular Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S downloads. This game is also available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

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Next roster update for WWE 2K Battlegrounds brings more Superstars, items and arenas

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