The next update of Microsoft Flight Simulator is planning a course for the UK

Do you see the blurry coastal turmoil there? It’s North Berwick, my former childhood home, and my first stop across the meticulous recreation of the planet Earth on Microsoft Flight Simulator. I think it got dirty, but it may change soon. The next world update for Asobo’s Jetsetter is heading to the UK, and sometime next January, it will decorate old Britannia with landmark improvements, landscape resolutions and lots of attractions.

As discovered by PCGamesN’s birdwatchers, the pilots behind MSFS planned for the future with a developer update earlier today.

The MSFS team has laid out a development roadmap (flight map?) To reveal that the third world update will take place on January 28th. The last two depart for Japan and the United States for improved terrain mapping, custom airports, and numerous new landmarks, and all regions of the UK can be expected to receive the same treatment in the New Year. I will.

Jorg Neumann, head of MSFS, not only has the team “great data” on mainland gangs in Scotland, England and Wales, but the studio has acquired all 32 counties out there, not just in Northern Ireland. He says he is working hard to do so. They want to add about 40-60 points of interest to the map, but confirmed airports currently scheduled for refurbishment include Manchester Burton, Liverpool EEGP and Land’s End.See also about putting Edinburgh there

The developers also said the United States would be loved a little more. Last week’s World Update made things a little more exciting, but the country is so huge that it needs two more updates to bring all 51 states together. They also want to keep pace with these large national overhaul updates, release world and sim updates every “2 to 3 months”, and frequently sprinkle larger unreleased features. I think.

In the meantime, expect the Queen to continue to evict in the January update and finally do something about the gannet hell and Alice O’s profile picture, Bass Rock. To cope with this turmoil, the beautiful sloping plateau was brutally robbed.


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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s next update plots a course for the UK

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