The NieR Automata cheat code skips to the true ending right after the first boss

It must be the biggest time-saving Easter egg ever found in a video game, but it was discovered that the cheat code was embedded in the back end of NieR Automata, allowing users to skip the entire game and literally the first. Jump from the boss to the final ending. Discovered by the infamous name Lance McDonald in the industry to find these gems, a video will be attached shortly. But why is it there? Also, did it take so long to be detected?

Well, the theory is that it’s a device used by quality testers or game developers to check for specific features. Don’t ask any more technical questions. That’s all I have. But will such bookmarks be deleted by launch? Otherwise, there would be a lot of these “time travel portals” in the code of most games, but we still haven’t seen them. And the reason it’s been hidden for so long is probably because it’s buried in a line of things that the majority of us never see and don’t have enough patience to wash. is.

Still, this news should give some reassurance to players looking for a way to access the true ending without repeatedly defeating the game (don’t worry about Japanese games and hidden endings). Please!). However, it should be noted that this cheat is probably locked out of us non-hacktivists. So, sorry, the relief was short-lived …

But NieR Automata is a great game anyway. In other words, any player who takes the time can get paid. So if you’re thinking about it, give it a chance, as you won’t be disappointed. Otherwise, check out McDonald’s video at the time of publication.

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NieR Automata Cheat Code Skips to the True Ending Right After the First Boss

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