The Nioh collection will bring both remastered games to PlayStation 5 in February this year

Team Ninja announced that it will bring both Nioh Games for PlayStation 5 Nioh Collection, Not just full functionality Nioh 2 When released in February next year, it will include all DLC as well as original games that support both 4K and up to 120 FPS.

The studio will also be released, as detailed on the PlayStation Blog Nioh 2 With all three DLC extensions released so far in the full version of PlayStation 4 on the same day.Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 will be able to get their hands Nioh Remaster-Complete Edition Alone or together Nioh 2 Remastered-Complete Edition In the collection package.

If you pick it up Nioh2-Complete Edition For PlayStation 4, you can get a free upgrade to. Nioh 2-Complete Edition If you own a base game on PlayStation 5, you can also upgrade to The Complete Edition on PS5 to get a PS5 version of the DLC extension you already own.

Are you still with us?Good — the studio is also Niou 2-Complete Edition In addition, it will be installed on PCs via Steam with 4K Ultra-HD support, 144Hz monitor support and 120FPS.As the last bit of Nioh News, the last Nioh 2 An enhanced version called The First Samurai will also be available on December 17th.

Nioh Collection It will be available on PlayStation 5 on February 5, 2021.You can also check the reviews of Nioh 2 Here it is.

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