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Save £ 100 / $ 100 before your VR headset runs out altogether.

The Oculus Rift S will soon be deprecated at some point in the New Year, saving £ 100 / $ 100 from the regular price of popular VR headsets.

The regular price is £ 399 / $ 399, and this discount makes the Rift S more consistent with its more modern alternative, the Oculus Quest 2. This makes one of the best VR headsets the cheapest ever.

But before we got ahead, I talked to Will Judd about Digital Foundry. There are some points to consider before you get it at this price.

Sure, the Oculus Rift S is a rugged, feature-rich, and recommended entry-level PC VR headset, but as mentioned above, it’s being deprecated in favor of the new Oculus Quest 2. Both are the same price, so I want to choose a newer device over an old iteration. However, it must be in stock somewhere.

For the standalone Quest 2, there are many performance improvements over the Rift S that allow you to play PCVR games even when connected via Oculus Link. This can be a bit annoying, but you have the option to make it wire-free whenever you need it. It’s also mandatory to sign in and use with your Facebook account, but this also applies to Rift S, so buying an older device doesn’t work around this issue.

Basically, there are some things you need to balance before making a decision. However, if you’re into the Oculus Rift S, this is a great price for your device and it looks like it’s going on until the last one goes on sale.

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