The office brings Dwight to the matrix with Peacock’s unprecedented Cold Open

office Is no longer streamed on Netflix, but for its value, NBC has presented fans with an unprecedented new cold open that can be watched online for free. In the ax segment, Jim performs the last big prank on his longtime work nemesis Dwight by convincing him that he is in The Matrix. This scene was intended to be used in the final season of the show and was very interesting, but probably cut over time.Of course, it’s better than never being late, so if you want to see something New arrival From office, You can see the scene in the YouTube video below.

In a scene of about five minutes, Dwight can be seen working in the office when he notices the same warehouseman as the black cat passing through the doorway twice.It’s all part of a trick organized to trick Jim and Pam into believing they’re seeing a “system glitch” and prove it. matrix It was real. In fact, Pam trained the cat, and the pair had Glen and his twin brothers help with the prank.

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It gets better because security guard Hank (Hudein) is also joking. Dressed as Morpheus’ twin brother “Dolfeus”, Dwight Promote tactics. As in the movie, Dwight is presented with red and blue pills and can choose. Dwight seems to have fallen into that trick, but eventually chooses to take a blue pill instead-surprised Hank, Jim and Pam.

“The timing is terrible now,” says Dwight, explaining that he is too happy to leave his life. “They promoted me to a manager, and I own this building, I run a very fulfilling farm, and I will soon marry my beloved woman … No one hates machines more than I do, but I’m happy and really happy. “

On her side, Pam The result of mischief It’s heartwarming, but Jim seems a little more frustrated.

“You’re kidding? I hired 30 people!” He shouts. The video also includes a message of the affectionate memories of Dane, who died in 2018.

This clip is just a preview of upcoming appointments. peacock For fans of office.. When the series switched from Netflix to Peacock earlier this year, it brought an extended “superfan” cut for all episodes from Season 3. More superfan episodes will be rolled out in the future, and viewers will offer longer episodes than they remember watching on TV and Netflix. In addition to including the deleted scenes featured in the home video release, the long cuts also include unprecedented footage that fans can see for the first time.

For more information office, You have to head to Peacock to check the show. Everyone will be streamed for free for the first two seasons, but watching the rest of the series will sign up for one of Streamer’s premium subscriptions. Matrix style cold open clip YouTube office..

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The office brings Dwight to the matrix with Peacock’s unprecedented Cold Open

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