The Office is gone, the best comedy show to watch on Netflix

After dominating the streaming charts for years office Leaving Netflix on January 1, 2021 for Peacock’s new home.In those 9 years office While starring on Netflix, millions of fans discovered it and millions re-watched it. Sometimes I watched it dozens of times.

But don’t worry. If you’re scrolling through Netflix and looking for a sitcom to fill a dander mifflin-shaped hole in your heart, there are still many other great options (and some lesser ones) still available. I am. There are five sitcoms to Binge Watch on Netflix.

Developmental arrest

Photo: Netflix

Developmental arrest The patriarch follows a wealthy family trying to adapt to a new life after being dragged into jail for a tie of financial crimes. Developmental arrest It’s also one of the weirdest comedies ever made. There’s a great character cast and a dialog where you can pack two or three jokes on every single line. What’s more, half of the jokes form the basis of online culture, some of which remain popular memes today. Be careful and stop after watching Season 3. When Netflix tried to restart the show, it didn’t match the magic of the original show.

Good place

Kristen Bell, the role of Eleanor at The Good Place, sits in an outdoor cafe, sipping a white mug and illuminating Ted Danson as the devil's Michael, a gray-haired older man in a gray suit and black bow tie. I am.

Photo: Colleen Hayes / NBC

Created by Michael Schur who wrote for office, Created Parks and recreation, And played officeMorse Shroud — Good place It’s a slightly more existential comedy than the other shows on this list. Initially Good place A deceased woman named Eleanor is taken to The Good Place, a perfect paradise like heaven. However, Eleanor realizes that she was accidentally taken there, hides her shortcomings, and must improve herself. The show blurs the line between comedy and television shows, takes up heavy topics like death, and doesn’t sacrifice its fun and comedy. Explode 12 episodes of Binge Watching.


Community cast

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community It ’s a very good pairing with office The NBC originally aired them together on Thursday night. community For some reason, I’m following a group of students attending Greendale, the world’s worst community office, communityThe greatest strength of is the huge and always entertaining cast of characters and side characters, who sometimes form amazing groups for their adventures.But what community What’s special is how strange these adventures are. Musical episodes, action movie parody episodes, anime Christmas specials, etc. community Here are some of the best episode assumptions of a comedy to date.

New woman

New girl S7

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Of all the comedies on this list New woman Has the most traditional and most similar rhythm office.. It’s another ensemble comedy. This time around, a girl who moved to an apartment with a group of men she knew little about. The real highlight of the show is the back and forth when all roommates throw one-off jokes and light, playful insults.To review office For hundreds of millions of times, the show is more focused on spending time with your beloved character than on each episode.

Schitt’s Creek

The main character of Schitt's Creek

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Follow in the footsteps of Developmental arrest, Schitt’s Creek Is also the story of a wealthy family who lost everything … in this case, they can maintain the very small town of Schitt’s Creek, which the family bought as a joke when they were still wealthy. However, after the sudden bankruptcy of their family, they were forced to move to town and live outside the motel. The series was created by stars Eugene and Dan Levy, who started the show on the premise of taking all the money with a family like the Kardashian family. The concept may sound harsh, but the show turns out to be cheerful and surprisingly healthy as the family learns to love each other without all the wealth they previously enjoyed.

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