The official raytracing update for Minecraft for Windows 10 is out of beta and is now available • .net

There will also be two free RTX-enabled worlds.

Eight months after the first beta release, Mojang and Nvidia’s free raytracing updates for Minecraft’s Windows 10 edition have been officially released for all players.

To take advantage of Minecraft’s official raytracing update, you need an RTX-enabled graphics card (probably easy to say). Properly equipped graphics cards have access to special physically-based rendering texture packs. Mojang explains: Ray tracing effect that further enhances the experience. ” Expect “brightened blocks, luminescent pixels, water reflections, accurately projected shadows, and rich global illumination.”

The results are truly impressive, as Alex Battaglia of Digital Foundry explained earlier this year. “Don’t chop up the words here. Minecraft path tracing is one of the most innovative uses of ray tracing I’ve ever seen,” he writes. “In Minecraft RTX, everything is raytraced. Every element is realistically and correctly illuminated. And … this range of implementation creates effects never seen before in the game.”

Minecraft with Ray Tracing for Windows 10 release trailer.

Players need to download an RTX-enabled world or create their own ray-tracing world with a physically-based rendered texture pack to actually experience visual enhancements-Mojang , Some of my friends say they can play with them even if they don’t use RTX support hardware. Numerous free RTX-enabled worlds are already available on the Minecraft Marketplace, and two new free worlds will be added to mark the full release of the update.

Created by BANV, the Colosseum RTX is now available on the Minecraft Marketplace and will bring players back to the Roman Empire. In the Roman Empire, you can “explore beautiful scenery, collect historical trivia quizzes, and find all the hidden places throughout the region.” There is also an arena itself where players can make it a duke with up to three friends.

Dungeon Dash RTX, on the other hand, is an action-focused map created by BlockWorks that frees players in a series of increasingly challenging dungeons in the medieval countryside. “Conquer up to 10 dungeons in a unique biome, including tree-built villages, floating islands, and mysterious mines,” explains Mojang. This will arrive “immediately”.

For more information on Minecraft ray tracing updates, please visit the Mojang website.


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